.:: A Day in the Life – Feeding Frenzy Sunday ::.

My routine has been completely changed with a new baby in tow. Gone have the days of Saturday shopping spree in the city just by myself or laid back movie-night-in Sunday. These days baby B is pretty much latched on to me all day long, so it is hard to plan on doing something. Today is such a day, I was thinking to take B to the park, but didn’t get to do it with all the feeding frenzy happening and chores that need to be done – which I didn’t even get to. I’m not complaining though coz I’m such a homebody.

Anyway, I like reading random “day in the life” stuff, it’s like having a peek at what people do about their days, and I want to chronicle some of mine too so I could look back one day and relive those days. So as bland as today was, here goes my Sunday, 10 December 2016.

05.00 Woke up to baby B’s cry. He doesn’t usually wake up this early, but his feeding last night was a bit off schedule.

06.00 After putting B to sleep, I prepared breakfast for myself – homemade vanilla-cinnamon wholemeal bread I baked the night before ( forever grateful for the convenience of a bread machine ) and a cup of soy hot chocolate. I then went ahead and did a little bit of cleaning around the kitchen – washed dishes that didn’t get done last night, cleaned up the counters, and also started preparing condiments for soto I’m making for lunch.

07.30 Snuggle time with this cuddle bug, as he’d woken up and clearly wanted to get out of his swaddle. He had a hiccup which is always funny to watch coz he gets all wide-eyed and has a very concerned look on his face.

08.40 Put B’s on the baby gym which he usually loves, but it wasn’t long before he asked for a feed, and eventually ended up falling asleep in my arms.

09.30 Back to the kitchen to continue preparing lunch.

10.45 Little boss woke up for another feed. He was being very sleepy though so it didn’t last very long.

11.30 Put B on his cot and rushed to shower. Usually I shower really early in the morning before anyone wakes up, but today was an early start and hey it’s the weekend!

12.00 B woke up as I had predicted he would, time for another feed and snuggles.

13.00 Baby bath time, and since he’s happy and cleaned we did a little photo session, didn’t last long before he falls  asleep though.

14.00 Finally had time to sit down and have lunch.

15.00 Chill time while B sleeps soundly, checking social media and chatting away with the family.

16.20 Feeding time..

17.00 Waking up so early has taken its toll on me and this momma needs to take a nap.

18.00 It’s not often I get an hour of nap, feeling so recharged. Only had a few minutes to chill before the little mister woke up fussy. Tried feeding him but he was being difficult and gassy. Such is life with a newborn!

19.00 Put baby B on the baby gym and he seemed quite content for a while, I was concerned he would be fussy later on without proper feeding before his 8 pm bedtime, so I tried again for a good chunk of time, but to almost no avail. D tried to settle him to sleep when B appear tired, while I prepared lunch for D to bring to work tomorrow, but at around 8.30 pm baby B was fussy again.

21.15 Eventually finished feeding and managed to have dinner.

21.45 Finally time to myself and clock off being a milk machine, that is until the next feeding time.


.:: My Tiny Little Wonder ::.


This past October we welcomed our little bundle of joy, Ben. It has been seven whole weeks – which feels like only a few days as time whooshed by so quickly – and it still feels very much surreal having this little guy in our lives. A lot of times when I see his peaceful sleeping face, I almost pinch myself as I can’t believe I have this little darling boy to call my son. I have a son!


Ben arrived five days earlier than the estimated due date, but looking back, the timing was perfect. We only recently moved to a new place, and I’ve started maternity leave a week before. I spent the whole week sorting through the boxes, cleaning and organizing our stuff to their new home, settling and enjoying our new place. That week I kept thinking I couldn’t be possibly ready yet coz there was still so much to do. And right after I got everything sorted and all the boxes have been stored away, I heard the news that a friend just delivered a baby and I thought ready or not the baby’s coming, so I convinced myself to be prepared. And the very next morning I was in labor.


I’m slowly settling into a new routine, staying home and taking care of a newborn and learning a lot along the way, there are extremely good days where I’d have some spare time to cook or clean or watch TV with D, there are also days where I feel like every second of the day all I did was feed him. But whenever I look into his wide curious eyes looking left and right trying absorbing everything in his surrounding, I felt everything was worth it. Darling boy, you make me fall in love every single day over and over again.

.:: { Kitchen } Almond Coconut Granola ::.

This granola is my latest addiction. Lovely golden brown, crisp and sweet-but-not-too-sweet granola, with the addition of coconut chips which I’m also crazy about lately. I love having it with a cup of milk, topping it some dried cranberries. Morning, made.

Almond Coconut Granola

Almond Coconut Granola

4 cups rolled oats

1/4 cup brown sugar

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 cup maple syrup

1/2 cup oil

2 tsp vanilla extract

a handful of sliced almonds

a handful of roasted coconut chips

dried fruit, optional

  1. Mix rolled oats, brown sugar, salt, maple syrup, oil, and vanilla extract. Fold the mixture together with a rubber spatula until all of the oats and almonds are thoroughly coated.
  2. Turn the oat mixture onto the prepared baking sheet and spread into a thin, even layer.
  3. Bake until the top is lightly browned – about 30 minutes, stirring the oats halfway through. Add sliced almonds and coconut chips, bake for another 15-30 minutes until crisp.
  4. Cool, add dried fruit and store in an airtight container.

.:: Changes ::.

Let me start this by saying…

We’re expecting! I’m on my third semester now and pretty much counting the weeks down to the estimated due date which is only a few months away. Being pregnant for most of this year has brought a lot of change to my lifestyle, pretty much everything is a learning process and everything is a new experience.


Before, almost every morning I would go with a few girls from work to get a nice hot cup of coffee at a nearby cafe. And I would drink at the very least two cups daily. Pretty much soon after I found out I was pregnant I made a conscious decision to reduce my coffee intake, even though technically my GP said I could drink two cups a day, and the first few days were nauseating to say the least. However I did weaned myself off coffee successfully when I started feeling sick almost every minute of every day and the smell of coffee put me off. Even now I no longer feel sick, yet I still think coffee smells aggravating and I sometimes wonder how could one drink that stuff! Such irony, I went from a true coffee addict to one who could actually survive without coffee and not missing it one bit!

Cooking & Baking

I used to be an early bird, waking up at 5am to prepare lunch every single morning. Now, I just can’t be bothered. I couldn’t stand the smell of  garlic and onion and the likes of them for a good part of the pregnancy, which makes it harder to cook and also now that it’s winter, it’s so much easier to just stay in bed in the morning. Luckily we found a catering service providing Indonesian food that delivers to our workplace on weekdays, so I only have to worry about weekends.

Outfit and Makeup

The first few mo ths when my body hadn’t really changed that much I still wear my usual office attire. Now I feel different about clothes and makeup in general. In short, I no longer give a sh*t. I never wanted to buy too many clothes I could only wear during my pregnancy so shopping is no longer as exciting as it used to, when most clothes don’t fit me like it used to. And I no longer cared for makeup, I still wear the basics but I don’t even wear lipstick anymore, which I never used to leave home without.


The first few months I didn’t feel like doing much, I left a lot of the cleaning to D. I still do, but I start feeling the kick to declutter, clean and organize areas of my home. Maybe it’s the nesting instinct kicking in, maybe I’m just getting back on track, but it feels good to be productive, albeit a little slower than usual, and have a clean home as a result.


We’ve started buying a lot of baby stuff, yet haven’t found a place for a lot of them. And there seems to be no end to this whole world of shopping. There’s also still a lot of prep we still need to go through. Scary yet exciting at the same time.

.:: { Book } Before I Go To Sleep ::.

Before I Go To Sleep

As I sleep, my mind will erase everything I did today. I will wake up tomorrow as I did this morning. Thinking I’m still a child, thinking I have a whole lifetime of choice ahead of me…

Memories define us. So what if you lost yours every time you went to sleep? Your name, your identity, your past, even the people you love–all forgotten overnight. And the one person you trust may only be telling you half the story.

Welcome to Christine’s life.

I was only randomly looking for new reads at the library and I was so excited when my eyes caught this book on the shelf. I watched the movie adaptation, and I loved it. Having done so however, did take away some of the thrill factor, after all I know how it ends. Not to say it was not exciting to read the book. I did manage to finish it in a few days, unable to peel myself away from the story.

The book received quite a lot of praises and adapted into a movie. Sounds like a guarantee for a good read. I did enjoy reading it, the idea of the story is great. Yes you could easily guessed how it would end. I could overlook that. What I found hard to overlook were the plot holes. And there were lots of them. I kept flipping back to prior chapters just to check some things actually plot holes, and quite obvious ones too! The ending also seems a bit rushed and over-simplified.

All in all, an okay read if you have free time to spare, but do prepare for some plot holes.

.:: Friday Favorites – Daily Blog Reads ::.

Howdy! Today I’d like to share some of my current favorite blogs, a few I’ve followed for a long time and a few new finds, that I check out on a daily basis – perfect to kill the time during those long commuting hours.

Vivianna Does Makeup

One of my all-time favorites, I really enjoy Anna’s YouTube videos, beauty reviews and lifestyle posts. She also posts regularly so there’s always something new and interesting to read every.single.day.

Kendi Everyday

Another all-time favorite that never gets old. A few years back I really enjoyed her 30-for-30 posts. I found it an interesting concept, though I’ve never had the courage to attempt something similar. And I always love her witty words and her stunning outfit pics.

Forever Amber

A new-ish find for me but it quickly becomes one of my favorite. I can’t stop scrolling through the older posts coz they are so witty and interestingly written. The posts are generally quite long, but they are all worth your while. I especially love Amber’s random daily musings and weekly diary-style recaps. And her gorgeous outfits of course.

Hi Sugarplum!

Another obsession of mine aside from all those beauty and lifestyle blogs is home and organizing blogs, and this is a particular favorite coz Cassie’s posts are the perfect balance of home stuff, style posts ( especially love the dressing room diaries ), travel reports and just random bits.

A Beautiful Mess

This one always one of the sites I check out on a daily basis, I always wonder how Elsie and Emma, the sisters behind this blog, never fails to come up with all these inspiring DIY posts, interesting recipes to try and a lot of other stuff too.

Putting Me Together

Another new find for me and what I love about this blog is that girl-next-door style that Audrey has which feels easy to relate to and also her great tips on remixing certain pieces of clothing with different things so they don’t look boring.

And the rest – check out my blogroll section, I’ve listed most of my favorite ones!

.:: A Day in the Life ::.

I’ve been wanting to document random bits of my days just for fun, I think it would be quite interesting to one day look back and read through what I was up to one random day in my life. And I love reading other people’s day-in-life posts. So here’s my Saturday, 30th of January 2016.

6.30 It’s Saturday and I absolutely have no plans, just my kind of Saturday. However I’m up! Well I’ve actually been up since 6 but the first thing I did was checking my social media while trying to gather some energy to drag me out of bed. Bad habit as at 6 am it is still not too bright, but I couldn’t help myself. Made coffee and realized I ran out of milk. So black it is. Took my coffee and laptop out to the balcony and enjoyed a bit of a quiet time – sipping my coffee while checking out some of my favorite blogs for new posts.

7.00 Preparing the ingredients for a wholemeal bread. I love love love my bread maker, all I have to do is throw in the ingredients together and touch a few buttons and voila. Fresh homemade bread just like that. Well, technically I still have to wait for three hours before the bread is ready. But still. I continued to wash my coffee cup, run a cycle of laundry and tidy up around the house a little bit – a neat little routine I do most Saturday mornings, which I actually enjoy, it just feels so great once the house is clean and spotless and the weekend is only starting.

8.00 I recalled the supermarket had a few special offers including rice, so I went and ordered groceries online. I mean, who would want to walk to the supermarket and lug a 5-kg bag of rice back home, when you have the option to have someone deliver it to your kitchen. They wouldn’t reach me until Wednesday coz they have free shipping on Wednesdays and yes I’m cheap like that.

10.15 I thought to have a me-time scouring the city, and feeling guilty leaving D behind, I prepared aglio olio for lunch.

11.40 Missed the closest train stop to the library. Which means I have to go there last and rush my shopping before the library closes.

14.45 Okay, how did the time fly? A few shop-hopping, lipstick-swatching at Sephora and it’s suddenly almost 3. I didn’t buy anything – which is probably for the best, I definitely don’t need new clothes or makeup. Had to miss brow wax – the queue was crazy – to rush to the library coz I really need my book fix. Been pretty bad at keeping my resolution and January is ending and I haven’t read any books. As much as I like my Kindle, I sometimes miss holding actual books.

15.40 Stopped for coffee break. I went to this particular cafe coz I saw they had kaya toast. I pictured thick warm kaya toasts like the ones at kopi tiam places and my stomach was growling just thinking about it. And… they ran out of kaya. Just my luck!

16.50 On the train home starting on my awesome find today – Before I Go To Sleep by S.J Watson. I’ve watched the movie and it was mind blowing. Couldn’t be more excited to read the book now.

19.10 In the middle of a movie night in and playing scrabble – our favorite pastime on the weekends.

22.15 Finished watching two movies, Burnt and Spectre. And the weather is still so nice and cool. Time for bed soon.. Nighty night!