.:: { Photo } Stormy Clouds ::.

Stormy Clouds
Just a few minutes before the storm started this afternoon, the sky was a scary – yet very pretty – shade of grey with hints of blue in the places where the lightnings were. I didn’t get a chance to get a better picture from afar because I was rushing to get to the ferry terminal. But I can say it was even more awesome in real life!


.:: { Photo } The Calm After the Storm ::.

It wasn’t the best afternoons, and it was storming for almost half a day, but soon after it settled into a drizzle the sky burst into the most gorgeous orange/purple shade. Glad I got to see it!

Brisbane Skyline

.:: { Photo } Brisbane Spring ::.

Spring in Brisbane means Jacaranda season. Purple haze of blooming Jacaranda dresses up the city and walking under these line of trees feel so great, almost surreal. I was treated to this amazing view on an afternoon walk – how good it would be to live in one of the apartment buildings lining up this street!


.:: { Photo } BrisStyle Indie Market ::.

Indie Market

Last Friday, I visited the BrisStyle Indie Market, a popup market showcasing handmade stuff – ranging from handmade jewelry, illustrated designs, hand-sewn pillows and baskets, pretty knitted hats, soy candles to indie nail polish. Though I didn’t get anything, it was still a very fun and inspiring visit. I insisted that I need a sewing machine – I wish to learn sewing pretty pillowcases such as those ( D is not convinced.. yet! ).

.:: { Photo } South Bank Skyline ::.


Just a snapshot I took while waiting for our ferry home last Sunday after our visit to South Bank’s Regional Flavours. I thought the sky looked pretty, and the quiet ripples of the water were calming. I always love hanging out around South Bank, I think I should start visiting more often and probably do a little morning walk in this area.