.:: Monday Musings ::.

Winter is just beginning and the first round of sickness has hit us! B has been coughing since last Wednesday and on Friday, the daycare sent him home coz he had a temperature. He was still in high spirit after meds but he lost his appetite and energy the next day. Poor baby! He got better on Sunday but still coughing non stop, and today we decided to keep him home. And gratefully we did, he had two naps and the afternoon one was quite a long one, something that never happens in the daycare. The fact that I held him in my arms all through his naps probably helped!

Other than that though, he is still a tiny ball of energy, danced to The Wiggles – very much enjoying him dancing and singing along to If You’re Happy ( shout ooweeeee ). Today coz he’s staying at home I brought out some of his toys from storage, including this animal knob puzzle – a Christmas gift from the daycare which I kept in storage after he got bored with it. And not only it was like a new shiny toy for him, I found out him getting the hang of it much better than before – time to hunt for some new ones!

Aside from toys I also like buying him lots of books – these are his two latest ones. I just can’t resist cute books. This mama is a book worm and I do wish him to enjoy reading too. He tends to flick through the pages before I even finish reading, but I suppose I just have to keep trying!


.:: Week in Review ~ Ikea by Accident ::.

This week, I got into the habit of going back home after I take B to daycare, and spend some quiet time at home. I usually only have avout 15 minutes and most of it were spent speed cleaning, but I did steal a few minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee, and breathe in the breezy air coming through the balcony doors. My mood always lifts up when I have some quiet time to myself in the morning.

I’ve been enjoying chicken salad for lunch a couple days this week to get back into healthy eating. Though on the other days I haven’t been the healthiest – Tikka Masala, Nasi Padang and burger, at least I tried LOL.

One night the sky looked bright orange and pink, and it was slightly foggy on the horizon. I’ve seen my fair share of pretty sunset from our balcony but that night was the best one. Picture just can’t do justice!

Project life week 1 progress, I’ve printed all the photos and slid it into the page protectors. It’s so hard to select just a few photo from a week to go into two-page spread! Even though my best intentions was to have a few filler or journaling cards, I ended up filling all the pockets with pictures except one for the title card! I’m also feeling so uninspired to embellish the cards, so I haven’t done that!

This weekend we found ourselves in Ikea for the third time in a month! This time it was by accident as we meant to go to a shopping mall and clicked Ikea address on the GPS. And we only realized it when we reached Ikea! It was still pretty productive though, we got a shelf for our storage unit. And B had so much fun walking around the “houses”.

.:: 2018. New Year, New Goals ::.

I’m forever guilty of forgetting my resolutions and goals a few months ( if not weeks ) going into the year, every single year. But I still find it fun to make them every year, as new year always bring a sense of a fresh start. This year I will try to set simpler, more achievable goals so I don’t set myself up for failures! Here goes.

Declutter and organize

As I worked on decluttering some of my stuff this past Christmas break, I realized how much stuff I have, stuff that I don’t even like, or need. I won’t ever be a minimalist, but decluttering feels so good and freeing. This year I want to continue decluttering and organizing other areas in my home, and create a home that feels even more like home.

Finish Project 365+

I’m so behind baby B’s first year album. I so need to get more organized and finish it this year as he’s almost 15 months now!

Keep up with 2018 Project Life

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m doing a weekly pocket page scrapbooking this year to allow me to play more with paper. I’m hoping to stay on track and not fall behind with documenting, and finish my album on time!

There are plenty of smaller goals I wish to do this year, but those three are what I consider my “main” goals that I want to continue doing all through the end of the year. Now, let’s hop into it!

.:: Our Year End Break ::.

Most days, weather permitting, we would take a morning walk to enjoy some fresh air. Mornings like these make me feel like I’m starting off the day on the right foot. And B usually naps better after these walks.

Having B in the daycare has lifted a lot of load from my shoulders in terms of feeding. I have to work my brain to provide him variety of menu for his main meals and snacks during this break, and by far this is his favorite, rice noodle or rice with chicken and mushroom cooked in sweet soy sauce.

We accidentally found a donation bin at the shopping center we frequent often. It was just the nudge we needed to sort out our clothes and set aside some old ones to donate. Managed to fill two huge bags after my first pass – one even fell apart when I took it out of the car and I ended up wheeling a trolley full of clothes in the center’s car park. It felt so good to declutter, and I suprised myself by being quite ruthless while sorting out what I wanted to stay in my wardrobe and what had to go.

And the decluttering didn’t stop there. I also purged and reorganized my pantry, baking cupboard, and storage closet. I also sorted out B’s toys as he received so many for his birthday and a few more for Christmas, I decided to store some of them away and rotate them every now and then. I have yet to go through my craft supplies, though I’ve got a new drawer unit for my desk which I can’t wait to use!

Made a batch of these eggless yogurt muffins for our picnic session with friends and they were so good. I may or may not have eaten way too many of them. I’ll try to experiment a little bit and try to eliminate the sugar completely so B can enjoy some too next time.

We found a cute little cafe with a little playground for kids and B had the time of his life trying to grab all the giant bouncy balls and bringing them to daddy. He even met a new friend and said hi and waved.

We had a very low-key NYE this year. I made quesadilla to enjoy while watching the countdown concert on TV and D was actually sick so he went to bed early and skipped the fireworks. In the meanwhile I worked on my December Daily while waiting for new year. At midnight I enjoyed the fireworks view from our balcony, which was actually pretty decent. I could see at least five different spots of fireworks. Loving our place even more!

It was scorching hot on the last day of the break, and all we could do was try and cool down at the shopping center. I love that now B’s getting bigger it’s easier to bring him to places, he’s so happy just exploring, toddling around, people-watching, and smiling at girls at the next table.

The last few days of December Daily has been a drag. I’ve been focusing on spending time with B and cleaning and organizing that December Daily has taken a back seat for a while. I really need to get back on track so I can move on and do something else. I’m very happy with what I have now, but finishing it really takes an effort coz I’m itching to fully work on my next project!

Speaking of which, I have actually started on something new – my 2018 Project Life! I am taking a new take on memory keeping this year and planning to do a weekly pocket-page-style scrapbooking. I’ve been trying to do a Project 365 for B’s first year, combining traditional and digital scrapbooking, but I’m nowhere near finished – that is my other scrappy goal this year – but I’m thinking weekly layout will hopefully be more manageable. And I love playing with real paper!

.:: Sunday Morning Ramblings ::.

It’s 7 am on Sunday and the apartment is quiet. I’m sitting at my desk on the spare bedroom which I’ve claimed to be my craft space, the morning breeze slipping in from the window next to me. The desk is usually a mess and full of scrapbooking goodness but today it’s empty except for the laptop, my coffee mug, baby monitor, and my planner. Quiet mornings are my favorite!

ONE // My mom and aunt paid us a very special visit to celebrate Ben’s first birthday ( Say what? Still can’t believe he’s one! ). I loved every minute of it and very much appreciated the extra hard work mom did on the apartment. The place is pretty much spotless, the fridge is full of yummy food, the kitchen counter is clear. Clear kitchen counter = much better mood.

TWO // Ben started having a fever yesterday just as the omas flew back to Jakarta and it got worse around lunch time after we left the airport. He became very fussy and a few rashes appeared on his face and hands. We rushed to the doctor who claimed he had chicken pox! He continued having a fever last  night but the rashes have all gone now so we’re very much confused. Hopefully he gets better soon and can attend daycare next week as it’s Halloween dress-up week.

THREE // Making use of the quiet time to make a list of to-dos on my planner. I find ticking things off my list very satisfying. And having a list actually motivates me to get things done. First thing on my list is to set up my desk back to its crafty messy ( but awesome ) state.

Ok need to get back to tidying up the place before baby wakes up!

.:: Weekend Snippets ::.

Life since baby has changed considerably, and that includes my Saturday morning routine. Like most days I woke up as baby did and started babbling and cooing, followed promptly by nappy change and since it was the weekend, a lot more snuggle time with baby.

As always the first thing I did after I finally got out of bed was.. made a cup of hot drink. That day I was craving for hot cocoa.

While waiting for the water to boil, I also prepped a cup of mung beans and two cups of almond to soak during the day for porridge and almond milk making session later that evening. Ever since I make my own almond milk, I never look back to store-bought version. It’s so easy to make, and so much ┬ámore delicious and healthier.

My new favorite granola, mocha coconut granola.

On Sunday, I felt so energized and ready to do some cleaning and a little bit of organizing. I’ve found out that it’s only possible to vacuum when I hold baby, so my baby carrier and hand-held vacuum pretty much save my life!

We’re starting baby on solids now, and the upside of that is the leftover avocados. I’ve been obsessed with avo toast sprinkled with homemade taco seasoning. Yum!

Look what I found during our grocery bout – a mini red papaya!

Sundays are my meal-prep day and these days I always have a buffet style chicken salad complete with Mexican-style dressing. It’s so much easier having this on hand coz baby is getting to the stage where I can’t leave his side for more than a minute!

Always enjoy when the sky put up a show just before sunset.


.:: Week in Review ~ Start of the New Year ::.

Hello and happy new year, this past week D is off work and we spent the whole week at home, doing nothing and just have a down time and enjoying some quality time with baby B – B’s expression says it all – lazy days all week long!

We started the new year with a walk in the park with baby B thinking to do it regularly, but didn’t go again the following days coz it has been pretty windy in the mornings.

B’s breaking into his new Pumpkin Patch onesie, even though we bought it in the 3-6 month size I think it might not last that long!

I had a mommy day out on Monday, getting my brows done – finally feels human again – and a bit of quick shopping. Gosh I hadn’t been to the city since early October! Had a good time checking out Lush and Zara sale. I did feel a bit guilty leaving baby B so I asked D for live report LOL..

We bit the bullet and bought Nutribullet so we’ve been experimenting with different fruit and veg combination. A good way to start the new year eating more healthily.

Having D at home allows me more time in the kitchen, I tried this chicken egg roll recipe – supposedly a dupe to Hoka Hoka Bento, it’s not exactly the same but it’s nonetheless delicious and really easy to make, and it’s freezer friendly!

Spending so much time in the kitchen during this holiday also makes me want to start meal planning again, I’ve done that a lot in the past and it worked so well so I thought I should do it again this year. I’m also starting to use a planner to plan my week ahead and keep track of my daily life. I never really keep a planner for a full year, it had always sorta fall out of love after some time but we’ll see how I’m doing this year!