.:: Sunday Morning Ramblings ::.

It’s 7 am on Sunday and the apartment is quiet. I’m sitting at my desk on the spare bedroom which I’ve claimed to be my craft space, the morning breeze slipping in from the window next to me. The desk is usually a mess and full of scrapbooking goodness but today it’s empty except for the laptop, my coffee mug, baby monitor, and my planner. Quiet mornings are my favorite!

ONE // My mom and aunt paid us a very special visit to celebrate Ben’s first birthday ( Say what? Still can’t believe he’s one! ). I loved every minute of it and very much appreciated the extra hard work mom did on the apartment. The place is pretty much spotless, the fridge is full of yummy food, the kitchen counter is clear. Clear kitchen counter = much better mood.

TWO // Ben started having a fever yesterday just as the omas flew back to Jakarta and it got worse around lunch time after we left the airport. He became very fussy and a few rashes appeared on his face and hands. We rushed to the doctor who claimed he had chicken pox! He continued having a fever last  night but the rashes have all gone now so we’re very much confused. Hopefully he gets better soon and can attend daycare next week as it’s Halloween dress-up week.

THREE // Making use of the quiet time to make a list of to-dos on my planner. I find ticking things off my list very satisfying. And having a list actually motivates me to get things done. First thing on my list is to set up my desk back to its crafty messy ( but awesome ) state.

Ok need to get back to tidying up the place before baby wakes up!


.:: Weekend Snippets ::.

Life since baby has changed considerably, and that includes my Saturday morning routine. Like most days I woke up as baby did and started babbling and cooing, followed promptly by nappy change and since it was the weekend, a lot more snuggle time with baby.

As always the first thing I did after I finally got out of bed was.. made a cup of hot drink. That day I was craving for hot cocoa.

While waiting for the water to boil, I also prepped a cup of mung beans and two cups of almond to soak during the day for porridge and almond milk making session later that evening. Ever since I make my own almond milk, I never look back to store-bought version. It’s so easy to make, and so much  more delicious and healthier.

My new favorite granola, mocha coconut granola.

On Sunday, I felt so energized and ready to do some cleaning and a little bit of organizing. I’ve found out that it’s only possible to vacuum when I hold baby, so my baby carrier and hand-held vacuum pretty much save my life!

We’re starting baby on solids now, and the upside of that is the leftover avocados. I’ve been obsessed with avo toast sprinkled with homemade taco seasoning. Yum!

Look what I found during our grocery bout – a mini red papaya!

Sundays are my meal-prep day and these days I always have a buffet style chicken salad complete with Mexican-style dressing. It’s so much easier having this on hand coz baby is getting to the stage where I can’t leave his side for more than a minute!

Always enjoy when the sky put up a show just before sunset.


.:: Week in Review ~ Start of the New Year ::.

Hello and happy new year, this past week D is off work and we spent the whole week at home, doing nothing and just have a down time and enjoying some quality time with baby B – B’s expression says it all – lazy days all week long!

We started the new year with a walk in the park with baby B thinking to do it regularly, but didn’t go again the following days coz it has been pretty windy in the mornings.

B’s breaking into his new Pumpkin Patch onesie, even though we bought it in the 3-6 month size I think it might not last that long!

I had a mommy day out on Monday, getting my brows done – finally feels human again – and a bit of quick shopping. Gosh I hadn’t been to the city since early October! Had a good time checking out Lush and Zara sale. I did feel a bit guilty leaving baby B so I asked D for live report LOL..

We bit the bullet and bought Nutribullet so we’ve been experimenting with different fruit and veg combination. A good way to start the new year eating more healthily.

Having D at home allows me more time in the kitchen, I tried this chicken egg roll recipe – supposedly a dupe to Hoka Hoka Bento, it’s not exactly the same but it’s nonetheless delicious and really easy to make, and it’s freezer friendly!

Spending so much time in the kitchen during this holiday also makes me want to start meal planning again, I’ve done that a lot in the past and it worked so well so I thought I should do it again this year. I’m also starting to use a planner to plan my week ahead and keep track of my daily life. I never really keep a planner for a full year, it had always sorta fall out of love after some time but we’ll see how I’m doing this year!

.:: Midweek Me Time ::.

Today has been a really good day. After two consecutive days of scorching heatwave, the rain pouring over Sydney all day long and the chilly breeze have been a very welcomed change. Even baby B seems to enjoy the weather so much, he’s been very good and calm and he takes long naps which allows me to do my own thing – even though it only went as far as a little bit of workout and tidying up, it feels so good to be productive. B has started developing a routine as well, he’s always down at around 8 pm – that again allows me some time to myself. Most times I have dishes to do, or dinner to eat, or things I need to tidy up, but as I’ve done all of them earlier in the day, I have time to do my own stuff. And because the weather is so suitable, I decide to sneak in a little bath and face mask time, while attempting to continue reading this Harry Potter book, followed by a cup of hot cocoa in front of the Christmas tree. Sometimes it’s little things like these that makes my day.

.:: Changes ::.

Let me start this by saying…

We’re expecting! I’m on my third semester now and pretty much counting the weeks down to the estimated due date which is only a few months away. Being pregnant for most of this year has brought a lot of change to my lifestyle, pretty much everything is a learning process and everything is a new experience.


Before, almost every morning I would go with a few girls from work to get a nice hot cup of coffee at a nearby cafe. And I would drink at the very least two cups daily. Pretty much soon after I found out I was pregnant I made a conscious decision to reduce my coffee intake, even though technically my GP said I could drink two cups a day, and the first few days were nauseating to say the least. However I did weaned myself off coffee successfully when I started feeling sick almost every minute of every day and the smell of coffee put me off. Even now I no longer feel sick, yet I still think coffee smells aggravating and I sometimes wonder how could one drink that stuff! Such irony, I went from a true coffee addict to one who could actually survive without coffee and not missing it one bit!

Cooking & Baking

I used to be an early bird, waking up at 5am to prepare lunch every single morning. Now, I just can’t be bothered. I couldn’t stand the smell of  garlic and onion and the likes of them for a good part of the pregnancy, which makes it harder to cook and also now that it’s winter, it’s so much easier to just stay in bed in the morning. Luckily we found a catering service providing Indonesian food that delivers to our workplace on weekdays, so I only have to worry about weekends.

Outfit and Makeup

The first few mo ths when my body hadn’t really changed that much I still wear my usual office attire. Now I feel different about clothes and makeup in general. In short, I no longer give a sh*t. I never wanted to buy too many clothes I could only wear during my pregnancy so shopping is no longer as exciting as it used to, when most clothes don’t fit me like it used to. And I no longer cared for makeup, I still wear the basics but I don’t even wear lipstick anymore, which I never used to leave home without.


The first few months I didn’t feel like doing much, I left a lot of the cleaning to D. I still do, but I start feeling the kick to declutter, clean and organize areas of my home. Maybe it’s the nesting instinct kicking in, maybe I’m just getting back on track, but it feels good to be productive, albeit a little slower than usual, and have a clean home as a result.


We’ve started buying a lot of baby stuff, yet haven’t found a place for a lot of them. And there seems to be no end to this whole world of shopping. There’s also still a lot of prep we still need to go through. Scary yet exciting at the same time.

.:: Friday Favorites – Daily Blog Reads ::.

Howdy! Today I’d like to share some of my current favorite blogs, a few I’ve followed for a long time and a few new finds, that I check out on a daily basis – perfect to kill the time during those long commuting hours.

Vivianna Does Makeup

One of my all-time favorites, I really enjoy Anna’s YouTube videos, beauty reviews and lifestyle posts. She also posts regularly so there’s always something new and interesting to read every.single.day.

Kendi Everyday

Another all-time favorite that never gets old. A few years back I really enjoyed her 30-for-30 posts. I found it an interesting concept, though I’ve never had the courage to attempt something similar. And I always love her witty words and her stunning outfit pics.

Forever Amber

A new-ish find for me but it quickly becomes one of my favorite. I can’t stop scrolling through the older posts coz they are so witty and interestingly written. The posts are generally quite long, but they are all worth your while. I especially love Amber’s random daily musings and weekly diary-style recaps. And her gorgeous outfits of course.

Hi Sugarplum!

Another obsession of mine aside from all those beauty and lifestyle blogs is home and organizing blogs, and this is a particular favorite coz Cassie’s posts are the perfect balance of home stuff, style posts ( especially love the dressing room diaries ), travel reports and just random bits.

A Beautiful Mess

This one always one of the sites I check out on a daily basis, I always wonder how Elsie and Emma, the sisters behind this blog, never fails to come up with all these inspiring DIY posts, interesting recipes to try and a lot of other stuff too.

Putting Me Together

Another new find for me and what I love about this blog is that girl-next-door style that Audrey has which feels easy to relate to and also her great tips on remixing certain pieces of clothing with different things so they don’t look boring.

And the rest – check out my blogroll section, I’ve listed most of my favorite ones!

.:: A Day in the Life ::.

I’ve been wanting to document random bits of my days just for fun, I think it would be quite interesting to one day look back and read through what I was up to one random day in my life. And I love reading other people’s day-in-life posts. So here’s my Saturday, 30th of January 2016.

6.30 It’s Saturday and I absolutely have no plans, just my kind of Saturday. However I’m up! Well I’ve actually been up since 6 but the first thing I did was checking my social media while trying to gather some energy to drag me out of bed. Bad habit as at 6 am it is still not too bright, but I couldn’t help myself. Made coffee and realized I ran out of milk. So black it is. Took my coffee and laptop out to the balcony and enjoyed a bit of a quiet time – sipping my coffee while checking out some of my favorite blogs for new posts.

7.00 Preparing the ingredients for a wholemeal bread. I love love love my bread maker, all I have to do is throw in the ingredients together and touch a few buttons and voila. Fresh homemade bread just like that. Well, technically I still have to wait for three hours before the bread is ready. But still. I continued to wash my coffee cup, run a cycle of laundry and tidy up around the house a little bit – a neat little routine I do most Saturday mornings, which I actually enjoy, it just feels so great once the house is clean and spotless and the weekend is only starting.

8.00 I recalled the supermarket had a few special offers including rice, so I went and ordered groceries online. I mean, who would want to walk to the supermarket and lug a 5-kg bag of rice back home, when you have the option to have someone deliver it to your kitchen. They wouldn’t reach me until Wednesday coz they have free shipping on Wednesdays and yes I’m cheap like that.

10.15 I thought to have a me-time scouring the city, and feeling guilty leaving D behind, I prepared aglio olio for lunch.

11.40 Missed the closest train stop to the library. Which means I have to go there last and rush my shopping before the library closes.

14.45 Okay, how did the time fly? A few shop-hopping, lipstick-swatching at Sephora and it’s suddenly almost 3. I didn’t buy anything – which is probably for the best, I definitely don’t need new clothes or makeup. Had to miss brow wax – the queue was crazy – to rush to the library coz I really need my book fix. Been pretty bad at keeping my resolution and January is ending and I haven’t read any books. As much as I like my Kindle, I sometimes miss holding actual books.

15.40 Stopped for coffee break. I went to this particular cafe coz I saw they had kaya toast. I pictured thick warm kaya toasts like the ones at kopi tiam places and my stomach was growling just thinking about it. And… they ran out of kaya. Just my luck!

16.50 On the train home starting on my awesome find today – Before I Go To Sleep by S.J Watson. I’ve watched the movie and it was mind blowing. Couldn’t be more excited to read the book now.

19.10 In the middle of a movie night in and playing scrabble – our favorite pastime on the weekends.

22.15 Finished watching two movies, Burnt and Spectre. And the weather is still so nice and cool. Time for bed soon.. Nighty night!