.:: { Outfit } Autumn Uniform::.

It’s beginning to look like autumn and autumn weather is my favorite. It is perfectly cool but still warm enough for skirts and light shirts. And I especially love that it is finally time to pull out my patterned stockings. Skirt + patterned stockings = my ultimate autumn uniform! ( And I adore my striped skirt ).

Navy and Stripes


.:: { Outfit } Beachy Weekend ::.

We revisited Surfer’s Paradise last Sunday – enjoyed the beautiful sky and the crashing waves, strolled along the shops, had good food ( ramen ) and made a visit to an observation deck at the tallest  building in the area for a marvelous 360 degree view of Gold Coast. It’s always nice to have a stroll around here, it’s so touristy that it makes me feel like being on a holiday. On top of it all, the weather was perfect – more breezy than warm – great weather for a visit to the beach. We recently realized that after living in Brisbane for a year, we sort of take it for granted and never really explore, we rarely cared to do things or visit new places. Well, it’s time to shake things up a little bit.


.:: { Outfit } Sunny Winter Weekend ::.


The weather has been wonderful this weekend. It’s bright and sunny and I could even feel the warmth of the sun on my face. Normally that would be something that I complain about, however since it’s technically winter, the sun has become less of an enemy. It was still very windy and chilly, but it was the perfect day to have a stroll. We went to Southbank for a brunch, had a peek at the art market, did a little window shopping at the CBD and finished the day shopping for groceries. Ah, the joy of weekend..

.:: { Outfit } Movie Date ::.


We were planning to go to the planetarium today, but then it started drizzling! So we ditched that idea and went to the movies to watch Oblivion instead.  I think I was gaping through half of the movie, because it was so confusing – at least to me 😛