.:: Monday Musings ::.

Winter is just beginning and the first round of sickness has hit us! B has been coughing since last Wednesday and on Friday, the daycare sent him home coz he had a temperature. He was still in high spirit after meds but he lost his appetite and energy the next day. Poor baby! He got better on Sunday but still coughing non stop, and today we decided to keep him home. And gratefully we did, he had two naps and the afternoon one was quite a long one, something that never happens in the daycare. The fact that I held him in my arms all through his naps probably helped!

Other than that though, he is still a tiny ball of energy, danced to The Wiggles – very much enjoying him dancing and singing along to If You’re Happy ( shout ooweeeee ). Today coz he’s staying at home I brought out some of his toys from storage, including this animal knob puzzle – a Christmas gift from the daycare which I kept in storage after he got bored with it. And not only it was like a new shiny toy for him, I found out him getting the hang of it much better than before – time to hunt for some new ones!

Aside from toys I also like buying him lots of books – these are his two latest ones. I just can’t resist cute books. This mama is a book worm and I do wish him to enjoy reading too. He tends to flick through the pages before I even finish reading, but I suppose I just have to keep trying!


.:: Baby’s First Picnic ::.

The cold and dreary winter had finally gone and last Saturday it was so warm – such a perfect day for a picnic!

We went with a couple of friends and their kid, and they kindly chose a spot close to ours coz we mentioned B has not gotten used to long car trips. The park was pretty huge and had play area, bbq area, lots of bungalows where families celebrated birthdays, and even a nice view to the bay and a little beach. The weather was so perfect and after such long winter, it was a very welcomed change.

B behaved so well, likely because we gave him lots of snacks ( guilty ) and he enjoyed himself munching away, holding on his ball or my water bottle’s cap and people-watching with his big curious eyes. And it was finally warm enough to break into his cutest baby blue dungaree. He looked so sweet in them!

It was also the first time we put him in the swing and he looked so concerned, poor baby!

It was a geat, great day – perfect weather, long overdue catch up with friends, and baby’s a happy bunny. It couldn’t go any better. I couldn’t wait to take him on another picnic and new adventures!

.:: B One-Month and Two-Month Update ::.

Whew how is it two months already? It feels like baby B was just born yesterday. And he’s grown so much in such a short time span! There’s a saying “the days are long but the years are short” and I’ve come to realize it is so true! So here’s bits and pieces of what’s been going on these past two months.

When he was born B was 3,305 kg / 51 cm and he now 6 kg / 60 cm! He has outgrown his newborn diapers and has moved up to 5-8 kg diaper. He’s also almost outgrown his newborn clothes and it looks like he’s almost ready to move to the three-month-sized clothes. He’s already so big! It makes me a bit sad, how fast he grows, as inevitable as it is. Don’t grow up too fast baby.

Around five weeks, baby B cooed “halo” replying D’s greeting! He started cooing a few times before, but it was the first time he actually cooed something resembling a word. And it was very  clear “halo” as well. Unfortunately I was just walking out of the bedroom when it happened, but I could hear it from outside the room, I thought I was delusional but D heard it too! Since then we’ve been busy trying to get him to say “halo” again, sometimes he just ignores us, sometimes he cooed back albeit not always very clear, but it was clear he definitely attempted to talk! The first time he cooed “halo” back rather clearly to me, at seven weeks, I was over the moon!

We haven’t been taking B out a lot, in fact we’ve only taken him out for his vaccination, check-up with the pediatrician, and a couple of times to the supermarket, one of the reasons being we were wary about doing so before his vaccination at the six-week mark – he was behaving really well on vaccination day, only cried when the nurse have him the injections but went back to his calm self pretty much in an instant. So funny seeing him change his mood in a matter of seconds like that.

B loves stretching, frowning and side sleeping – a couple of times he stretched and rolled to his side and fell asleep right after. He makes an O with his mouth when hungry or pooping, and smiles a lot  especially in his sleep. He loves being swaddled, but sometimes struggles and escapes one of his hands before going back to sleep soundly. So cute!

.:: A Day in the Life – Feeding Frenzy Sunday ::.

My routine has been completely changed with a new baby in tow. Gone have the days of Saturday shopping spree in the city just by myself or laid back movie-night-in Sunday. These days baby B is pretty much latched on to me all day long, so it is hard to plan on doing something. Today is such a day, I was thinking to take B to the park, but didn’t get to do it with all the feeding frenzy happening and chores that need to be done – which I didn’t even get to. I’m not complaining though coz I’m such a homebody.

Anyway, I like reading random “day in the life” stuff, it’s like having a peek at what people do about their days, and I want to chronicle some of mine too so I could look back one day and relive those days. So as bland as today was, here goes my Sunday, 10 December 2016.

05.00 Woke up to baby B’s cry. He doesn’t usually wake up this early, but his feeding last night was a bit off schedule.

06.00 After putting B to sleep, I prepared breakfast for myself – homemade vanilla-cinnamon wholemeal bread I baked the night before ( forever grateful for the convenience of a bread machine ) and a cup of soy hot chocolate. I then went ahead and did a little bit of cleaning around the kitchen – washed dishes that didn’t get done last night, cleaned up the counters, and also started preparing condiments for soto I’m making for lunch.

07.30 Snuggle time with this cuddle bug, as he’d woken up and clearly wanted to get out of his swaddle. He had a hiccup which is always funny to watch coz he gets all wide-eyed and has a very concerned look on his face.

08.40 Put B’s on the baby gym which he usually loves, but it wasn’t long before he asked for a feed, and eventually ended up falling asleep in my arms.

09.30 Back to the kitchen to continue preparing lunch.

10.45 Little boss woke up for another feed. He was being very sleepy though so it didn’t last very long.

11.30 Put B on his cot and rushed to shower. Usually I shower really early in the morning before anyone wakes up, but today was an early start and hey it’s the weekend!

12.00 B woke up as I had predicted he would, time for another feed and snuggles.

13.00 Baby bath time, and since he’s happy and cleaned we did a little photo session, didn’t last long before he falls  asleep though.

14.00 Finally had time to sit down and have lunch.

15.00 Chill time while B sleeps soundly, checking social media and chatting away with the family.

16.20 Feeding time..

17.00 Waking up so early has taken its toll on me and this momma needs to take a nap.

18.00 It’s not often I get an hour of nap, feeling so recharged. Only had a few minutes to chill before the little mister woke up fussy. Tried feeding him but he was being difficult and gassy. Such is life with a newborn!

19.00 Put baby B on the baby gym and he seemed quite content for a while, I was concerned he would be fussy later on without proper feeding before his 8 pm bedtime, so I tried again for a good chunk of time, but to almost no avail. D tried to settle him to sleep when B appear tired, while I prepared lunch for D to bring to work tomorrow, but at around 8.30 pm baby B was fussy again.

21.15 Eventually finished feeding and managed to have dinner.

21.45 Finally time to myself and clock off being a milk machine, that is until the next feeding time.

.:: My Tiny Little Wonder ::.


This past October we welcomed our little bundle of joy, Ben. It has been seven whole weeks – which feels like only a few days as time whooshed by so quickly – and it still feels very much surreal having this little guy in our lives. A lot of times when I see his peaceful sleeping face, I almost pinch myself as I can’t believe I have this little darling boy to call my son. I have a son!


Ben arrived five days earlier than the estimated due date, but looking back, the timing was perfect. We only recently moved to a new place, and I’ve started maternity leave a week before. I spent the whole week sorting through the boxes, cleaning and organizing our stuff to their new home, settling and enjoying our new place. That week I kept thinking I couldn’t be possibly ready yet coz there was still so much to do. And right after I got everything sorted and all the boxes have been stored away, I heard the news that a friend just delivered a baby and I thought ready or not the baby’s coming, so I convinced myself to be prepared. And the very next morning I was in labor.


I’m slowly settling into a new routine, staying home and taking care of a newborn and learning a lot along the way, there are extremely good days where I’d have some spare time to cook or clean or watch TV with D, there are also days where I feel like every second of the day all I did was feed him. But whenever I look into his wide curious eyes looking left and right trying absorbing everything in his surrounding, I felt everything was worth it. Darling boy, you make me fall in love every single day over and over again.