.:: { Coffee Break } Bonsai Botanika ::.

Bonsai Botanika

Saturday afternoon. I was a bit sleepy after lunch and knowing I still have a number of errands to run, I suggested to make a stop at Bonsai Botanika for a cup of coffee. After all, we only have a week left in Brisbane, so I’m trying to revisit as many of our favorite places as I can. Although I haven’t been there a lot, I always love the ambiance of this place. Dominated with wooden furniture and a little bit of fake grass, it has a cozy country feel, which makes a perfect spot of Saturday chill out session.

Bonsai Botanika

The cool thing about this place is you can order a side of chocolate sauce on the side of your coffee – technically stirring your own mocha – served in a lab conical flask. I ordered White Chocolate Mocha, while D picked Mocha Manschy – their term for frappe. Both taste delicious and a perfect refreshing wake-me-up.

Bonsai Botanika

I couldn’t help but order one of their cakes as well, just because. My pick was White Chocolate Japanese Green Tea Cake. The cake has a really rich and fudgy texture, much like brownies, and tastes really sweet. It’s really nice but it’s something you’d only order when you want to spoil yourself with something indulgent, due to the crazy richness.

Bonsai Botanika


.:: { Food } Macaron by Cacao ::.

I think Melbourne has some of the best macarons, and when D said he had to go to Melbourne last week, obviously I just can’t NOT ask him to get me some. And he brought me a box of twelve pretty and delicious macarons from Cacao – they are one of the best, in my opinion!

Cacao was named Melbourne’s Best Macaron in 2010 and what a well-deserved title that was. Cacao’s macarons has perfectly crunchy shells and a chewy texture on the inside. Filled with generous delicious cream and ganache, every bite tastes truly like an indulgent treat. Not to mention, it is always great fun tasting each pretty macaron and trying to guess the flavor. I especially love having a few bites with a cup of coffee – pure bliss!

And here I bring you… macarons galore!






.:: { Food } Fun Food-Filled Weekend ::.

This past weekend was filled with lots of relaxing activities and food – food after food after food. We went to the city to entertain ourselves after a lazy day at home on Saturday, followed by a nice dinner at Vapiano and a delicious milk tea treat. The next day, we visited Regional Flavours on South Bank which features countless of food stalls offering lots of good snack-portioned food and some fresh organic produce from around Queensland – we had a good time scouring the food stalls and nibbled on the food. While I was there I also noticed some cool cafes I want to visit in the future – time to plan for a weekend brunch. Don’t you just love a relaxing weekend?

Vapiano Saturday night dinner at Vapiano. I had super yummy Ravioli Con Carne while D settled for his usual Spaghetti Bolognaise. I always love my visits to this place, the relaxed ambiance, the open kitchen concept and of course the delicious food.

Hazel Tea Shop
Taro Milk Tea from my favorite bubble tea place, The Hazel Tea Shop.

Raspberry and Cream
Raspberry and Cream from My Berries.

Italian Chicken Drummies and Linguini with Pork Fennel Sausage from Cucina.

Creamy and delicious Macadamia and Butterscotch ice cream from Mammino.

I had been craving for Chicken Katsu Don for a while and was quite ecstatic to finally found a decent one at Ginga, a Japanese restaurant in Southbank.

.:: { Food } Oyatsu Cafe Haul ::.

 Oyatsu Cafe

A few weeks ago, I found out about Oyatsu Cafe and I was excited to see the nice selection of Japanese snack and drinks. I made my first purchase and was pleasantly surprised that shipping took only a little more than a week. They offer worldwide shipping, which works great for those like me who don’t have access to Japanese stuff easily. And here’s what I got!

Pocky Panda

Pocky Panda – $2.79
I love Pocky. I could possibly eat five boxes at one go if I let myself. But I’ve never tried any of the “fancy” flavors mainly because of the price. I’m happy I finally braced myself and tried this one, because it so much better than the “normal” chocolate and strawberry Pocky I normally get at the supermarket. I don’t think I need to point out the cute packaging – that alone got me really excited. Then when I opened it, I found a chocolate biscuit covered with cookies and cream topping. Deliciousness! It’s seriously so good! I definitely need try other flavors now!

Van Houten White Matcha Cocoa – $4.99
This is another hit. Both D and I enjoy this one so much. It has a strong and sweet scent of white chocolate, and i think the combination of white chocolate and matcha works really well – it taste delicious! It’s the perfect hot drink to have for a cold day!

Maxim Oreo Cappucino – $3.49
I had high expectation – I mean, oreo cappucino? It sounds so good, right? Unfortunately I’m rather disappointed with this one. Its smell does remind me a little bit of Oreo at first, though upon several tries, I think it is just a plain chocolate smell. In truth I think it taste quite good, but I like my coffee strong and this one tastes light and sweet, if nothing else. So even though it is a nice change from the coffee I’m used to, I won’t be repurchasing this.

Blendy Stick Royal Milk Tea – $4.99
This last one contains 10 packets, a lot more than the first two which only contain five each so it’s better value for money. It’s a milk tea drink and it tastes really good – coming from someone who isn’t really into tea so that means it is indeed good! It doesn’t top the Van Houten, but a close second.

.:: { Food } The Crepe Cafe ::.

We visited The Crepe Cafe last weekend for brunch. The weather was really nice after all, it was unquestionably a great time to go out to have a brunch and enjoy the sun and this scenery. Yes, please!


The Crepe Cafe

I had Rocky Road Crepe, while D settled for his usual Big Breakfast. We both loved the food here during our first visit months ago, and we still do. They make wonderful crepes, sweet and crisp and filled of delicious goodies – mine has strawberries, nutella, almond flakes and marshmallow! D’s big breakfast is a hit too, everything is cooked perfectly and taste delicious. The only downside is the plastic dining wares, it’s ridiculously hard to cut up the crepes with plastic knife and fork! But the food is really good I would put up with the crappy plastic wares. Definitely one of our favorite places for brunch.

.:: { Food } Chuhai! ::.


I was really in the mood for chuhai that I actually googled “chuhai brisbane” and was so glad to found this Japanese place that serve chuhai and Japanese tapas. Good food, great cocktails, and convenient location! It was a lot of fun. I will be back soon for sure!

.:: { Food } Le Bon Choix ::.

Le Bon Choix

When D mentioned he was craving for a cake sometime in the past week, I saw that as an opportunity to drag him out to a cake shop (He’s not so much a sweet tooth as I am, so this doesn’t happen everyday ). Last Saturday, we went to Le Bon Choix, a French bakery with cozy indoor and outdoor seating underneath the shades of huge trees. It’s the perfect place to enjoy some quiet time with cakes and coffee.

Le Bon Choix

I had Miroula, a chocolate macadamia mousse with creme brulee center. And a mini macaron on top! The mousse cake is chocolatey smooth and sweet, and the addition of macadamia bits and sweet filling just add to the deliciousness. However the macaron is a bit disappointing, as it’s not crunchy on the outside and the filling is just so-so.

Le Bon Choix

D had Lenette, white chocolate mousse with a pear and honey jelly and chocolate brownie. I like the jelly and brownie filling, and the mousse is nice and not too sweet, however I like Miroula better.

Le Bon Choix

A couple of days afterwards, I went there again with some colleagues and had Exotic, layers of apricot, pineapple and some other fruit I can’t remember. The most delicious of them all! It’s tangy and a little bit sour, it’s a refreshing change from the sweet cakes.