.:: Baby’s First Year Album Plan & Layouts ::.

This year I’m determined to invest my time to work on two projects – baby B’s first year album and Project Life 2018. Today, let’s chat about the first year album. Though B’s already 17 months now, I’ve got so much to catch up on as last year I didn’t get a lot of time to work on the album. I do have big plans for this album and that’s probably one of the reasons why things didn’t go as smoothly as I wanted to – procastination really got the better of me. Anyways, there are three things I want to include in my album.

Daily digital Project Life pages. I love having the ability to create pages on my phone. It takes very little time to create a page and it can simply be done anytime anywhere, my 25 minute train commute to and from work is perfect to do exactly that. Or that’s the idea LOL. I have only created probably not even a few months worth of pages! My challenge for this is creating for past photos as it’s painful to have to scroll through the gazillion pics on my phone to get to a certain date.

Pocket-page layouts for monthly milestones and special occassions like Christmas and birthday. This is a lot of fun as it’s my first time exploring this kind of scrapping style. My challenge for this, though, has been selecting what photos to go into the page – which takes forever, and sending them to get printed. I am very particular about the quality of the pics for this album and printing company I like to send my pics too.

Scrappy layouts of special or random photos that caught my heart. Now this is what I’ve been really having fun with lately. I am a beginner at best and am still trying to find my style, so one layout takes me hours if not days, but I love that down time allowing myself to be creative and reliving the memories of each picture. And it feels damn good every time I get to insert a new layout to my album. Yay for progress! I keep telling myself – progress is better than perfect!

And here’s a few layouts I’ve created for the baby album.


.:: December Daily 2017 Day 1-4 ::.

Usually Christmas gets me so excited way before December starts. This year though, I put off putting the tree up until the last minute. I did however put up the advent calendar a night before December 1, just to make sure it’s ready for us to enjoy.

This year I decided to jump on board the December Daily train. I never intended to do it in the past coz I think I never do enough festive things. But after seeing lots of videos and blogs on the theme last month, I thought I’d try my hands on it. I don’t know if I’d have enough festive things to include in my album, but I’d like to see my try. I also challenged myself to use my stash and allow myself to spend only $20 for additional stuff ( trust me, it doesn’t go far in Aussie ), so most of the supplies are not Christmas related. But that’s okay. I kinda like the “junk journal” mish-mash look. And making the pages reminds me how I enjoyed making mini albums. It’s been too long since I made one! I went for ring-bound album with DIY-ed pages as I love touching the different textures and including lots of random tidbits in my album. I’m so excited to see how this project will turn out.

Now onto the daily pages!

Day 1. I put Ben in his Santa costume to celebrate the beginning of December, however I didn’t get to take a proper pic of himself coz he was tired and clingy in the morning. However we did manage to take a few family pics in front of the advent calendar.

Today Santa got a special gift in our stocking – Matcha Ganache chocolate bar from Koko Black! Yummy! I usually put Cadbury Roses and Lindt in our stocking but this year I want to add some variety and a little extra treat here and there.

Day 2. Documented our morning walk to the park next door ( so nice to be out in the sun and enjoying the fresh air, need to make this a routine! ) and a sneak peek of the tree, signifying the start of tree decorating in our home. Emphasis on the “start” part, coz between taking care of a baby, cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping, decorating the tree wasn’t high up on the todo list. I struggled with my layout this day. It took me hours to create one side, and I didn’t love it and changed a few things the next day. I still don’t love it, but I decided to move on.

Day 3. Today I went with a 4×6 photo of B trying to grab a Christmas decor with the tree sparkling in the background. It didn’t take long to complete and I love the end result, feeling like I’m getting my mojo back.

Day 4. Made a super simple and quick layout today, with a picture of gingerbread cookie in front of our tree. We also gave a few small pieces to B which he, after eyeing it warily for a while, munched happily.

Our Christmas tree is up and mostly decorated. I just need to get a tree skirt and a topper. I got quite a few new hanging decoration pieces this year, and so glad seeing how it gives a fresh look to the tree. I wanted to upgrade to a nicer tree, but I reckon B might topple the tree over at some point, so I’m sticking with my old one. But it turns out he’s scared of it. Happy to say the tree is safe from his little hands this year!

.:: Scrapbooking Haul ::.

Lately I have been toying around with the idea of pocket scrapbooking. I have tried the digital version but I was never really interested in actual ( aka physical ) pocket scrapbooking coz I thought it would be quite expensive to buy the supplies, albums, journaling cards, embellishments etc. But it struck me, I haven’t done much scrapbooking lately and I didn’t really have to stuck with embellishments specifically made for pocket scrapbooking. I could just make my own with the supplies I have at home. After all, they are sitting untouched! And I really needed a way to quickly catch up with documenting my pictures from the holidays we’ve taken and events happening over the past few years. I really enjoy making handmade books, but pocket scrapbooking seems like a more time-efficient solution for that purpose at this point ( well, I hope I’m right! ). I started browsing online for supplies, and was very delighted when I found Scrap Boutique was having a half-yearly clearance. Perfect timing!

Scrapbooking Haul

I opted for We R Memory Keepers 8.5″ x 11″ albums, I thought 12″ x 12″ would be too huge. And I was right. I was quite surprised that the one I ordered was bigger than I thought it would be, so I can’t imagine going for 12″ x 12″! I chose mint and coral and had to really resist not buying a third one coz the color selection was just amazing. However seeing how thick they are, I think I’m good with two for now, it would take some time to fill them up!

Scrapbooking Haul

Scrapbooking Haul

Next things I grabbed were a few packs of page refills in varying pocket sizes so I’ll have different options to play with. I also grabbed a bunch of alpha stickers and they also kindly included a Kaisercraft stamp set and Amy Tangerine sticker set as gifts. How lovely!

Scrapbooking Haul

Scrapbooking Haul

A few months back, I also grabbed a ton of Kaisercraft paper pads and collectables from Andy & Belle taking advantage of the huge sale they had. Kaisercraft always have pretty collections and it’s easily available here coz it’s an Australian brand. And getting them at a bargain is sweet!

I’m now drown in supplies! And so excited to play with them all, even though it might be some time, coz I’ll be traveling all month next month. Which if I may say, is another good reason for this haul!

.:: { DIY } Kaisercraft Now Boarding Travel Album ::.

Kaisercraft Now Boarding Travel Album

I’m finally back with another scrapbook album. I’ve been working on this one on and off, taking my time to create the bits and pieces here and there – but last weekend I finally had the time to finish the last pieces and put the book together. This album is by no mean finished, it is still waiting for more love, but that has to wait until I select the pictures and decide how I’m going to lay them out on the pages. For now, I’m just ecstatic at how it gets to this point.

Kaisercraft Now Boarding Travel Album

I used Kaisercraft’s Now Boarding collection, which was released earlier this year. I just adore the collection, the muted color combo of black/grey and red gives a really vintage feel to the album, which works perfectly for my intended use for this album. The base for the pages is made of black cardstock, sized at 7″ x 7″. I made the cover slightly larger at 7.5″ x 7.5″, using doubled up cereal box covered with black corrugated cardstock. To bind the book, I used the hidden hinge binding system, similar to what I created for the Prim & Proper mini album, and each page has a pocket storing a double-sided photo mat. I like this system because it allows for a lot of photo spaces and the additional flaps I created in some of the pages even creates more spaces, which is kind of amazing!

Here’s a video and collage that would take you through the pages!

Kaisercraft Now Boarding Travel Album

I’m planning to create a series of similar books for a very memorable trip D and I took in 2011-2012, but I’m going to play with other Kaisercraft collections to have more fun variety. If you’ve seen my post two weeks ago, you probably noticed I’ve started working on my second book!

.:: { Craft } Keep Calm ::.

The original Keep Calm poster was produced by the British government during the World War II and since its rediscovery in 2000 a countless interpretation has been made across the globe. Cheeky, but I’m actually loving most of the sayings – Keep Calm and Drink Coffee, Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake – they put a smile on my face whenever I catch a glimpse of these words.

But nothing relates more to me than this version. The design was published in Cross Stitcher magazine, but I got a copy from The Making Spot – which unfortunately has been closed down a while ago. I really like the color combo used in the magazine, so I tried to create something similar. I found the sky blue 28-count evenweave during a craft fair. And I’m loving how it turns out! It is a really simple project using only white threads, and it took me about two weeks to complete. I love quick projects like this, I feel invigorated and motivated to stitch even more after finishing one!

Keep Calm and Cross Stitch