.:: Monday Musings ::.

Winter is just beginning and the first round of sickness has hit us! B has been coughing since last Wednesday and on Friday, the daycare sent him home coz he had a temperature. He was still in high spirit after meds but he lost his appetite and energy the next day. Poor baby! He got better on Sunday but still coughing non stop, and today we decided to keep him home. And gratefully we did, he had two naps and the afternoon one was quite a long one, something that never happens in the daycare. The fact that I held him in my arms all through his naps probably helped!

Other than that though, he is still a tiny ball of energy, danced to The Wiggles – very much enjoying him dancing and singing along to If You’re Happy ( shout ooweeeee ). Today coz he’s staying at home I brought out some of his toys from storage, including this animal knob puzzle – a Christmas gift from the daycare which I kept in storage after he got bored with it. And not only it was like a new shiny toy for him, I found out him getting the hang of it much better than before – time to hunt for some new ones!

Aside from toys I also like buying him lots of books – these are his two latest ones. I just can’t resist cute books. This mama is a book worm and I do wish him to enjoy reading too. He tends to flick through the pages before I even finish reading, but I suppose I just have to keep trying!