.:: Baby’s First Year Album Plan & Layouts ::.

This year I’m determined to invest my time to work on two projects – baby B’s first year album and Project Life 2018. Today, let’s chat about the first year album. Though B’s already 17 months now, I’ve got so much to catch up on as last year I didn’t get a lot of time to work on the album. I do have big plans for this album and that’s probably one of the reasons why things didn’t go as smoothly as I wanted to – procastination really got the better of me. Anyways, there are three things I want to include in my album.

Daily digital Project Life pages. I love having the ability to create pages on my phone. It takes very little time to create a page and it can simply be done anytime anywhere, my 25 minute train commute to and from work is perfect to do exactly that. Or that’s the idea LOL. I have only created probably not even a few months worth of pages! My challenge for this is creating for past photos as it’s painful to have to scroll through the gazillion pics on my phone to get to a certain date.

Pocket-page layouts for monthly milestones and special occassions like Christmas and birthday. This is a lot of fun as it’s my first time exploring this kind of scrapping style. My challenge for this, though, has been selecting what photos to go into the page – which takes forever, and sending them to get printed. I am very particular about the quality of the pics for this album and printing company I like to send my pics too.

Scrappy layouts of special or random photos that caught my heart. Now this is what I’ve been really having fun with lately. I am a beginner at best and am still trying to find my style, so one layout takes me hours if not days, but I love that down time allowing myself to be creative and reliving the memories of each picture. And it feels damn good every time I get to insert a new layout to my album. Yay for progress! I keep telling myself – progress is better than perfect!

And here’s a few layouts I’ve created for the baby album.


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