.:: Week in Review ~ Ikea by Accident ::.

This week, I got into the habit of going back home after I take B to daycare, and spend some quiet time at home. I usually only have avout 15 minutes and most of it were spent speed cleaning, but I did steal a few minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee, and breathe in the breezy air coming through the balcony doors. My mood always lifts up when I have some quiet time to myself in the morning.

I’ve been enjoying chicken salad for lunch a couple days this week to get back into healthy eating. Though on the other days I haven’t been the healthiest – Tikka Masala, Nasi Padang and burger, at least I tried LOL.

One night the sky looked bright orange and pink, and it was slightly foggy on the horizon. I’ve seen my fair share of pretty sunset from our balcony but that night was the best one. Picture just can’t do justice!

Project life week 1 progress, I’ve printed all the photos and slid it into the page protectors. It’s so hard to select just a few photo from a week to go into two-page spread! Even though my best intentions was to have a few filler or journaling cards, I ended up filling all the pockets with pictures except one for the title card! I’m also feeling so uninspired to embellish the cards, so I haven’t done that!

This weekend we found ourselves in Ikea for the third time in a month! This time it was by accident as we meant to go to a shopping mall and clicked Ikea address on the GPS. And we only realized it when we reached Ikea! It was still pretty productive though, we got a shelf for our storage unit. And B had so much fun walking around the “houses”.


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