.:: 2018. New Year, New Goals ::.

I’m forever guilty of forgetting my resolutions and goals a few months ( if not weeks ) going into the year, every single year. But I still find it fun to make them every year, as new year always bring a sense of a fresh start. This year I will try to set simpler, more achievable goals so I don’t set myself up for failures! Here goes.

Declutter and organize

As I worked on decluttering some of my stuff this past Christmas break, I realized how much stuff I have, stuff that I don’t even like, or need. I won’t ever be a minimalist, but decluttering feels so good and freeing. This year I want to continue decluttering and organizing other areas in my home, and create a home that feels even more like home.

Finish Project 365+

I’m so behind baby B’s first year album. I so need to get more organized and finish it this year as he’s almost 15 months now!

Keep up with 2018 Project Life

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m doing a weekly pocket page scrapbooking this year to allow me to play more with paper. I’m hoping to stay on track and not fall behind with documenting, and finish my album on time!

There are plenty of smaller goals I wish to do this year, but those three are what I consider my “main” goals that I want to continue doing all through the end of the year. Now, let’s hop into it!


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