.:: Baby’s First Picnic ::.

The cold and dreary winter had finally gone and last Saturday it was so warm – such a perfect day for a picnic!

We went with a couple of friends and their kid, and they kindly chose a spot close to ours coz we mentioned B has not gotten used to long car trips. The park was pretty huge and had play area, bbq area, lots of bungalows where families celebrated birthdays, and even a nice view to the bay and a little beach. The weather was so perfect and after such long winter, it was a very welcomed change.

B behaved so well, likely because we gave him lots of snacks ( guilty ) and he enjoyed himself munching away, holding on his ball or my water bottle’s cap and people-watching with his big curious eyes. And it was finally warm enough to break into his cutest baby blue dungaree. He looked so sweet in them!

It was also the first time we put him in the swing and he looked so concerned, poor baby!

It was a geat, great day – perfect weather, long overdue catch up with friends, and baby’s a happy bunny. It couldn’t go any better. I couldn’t wait to take him on another picnic and new adventures!


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