.:: My Tiny Little Wonder ::.


This past October we welcomed our little bundle of joy, Ben. It has been seven whole weeks – which feels like only a few days as time whooshed by so quickly – and it still feels very much surreal having this little guy in our lives. A lot of times when I see his peaceful sleeping face, I almost pinch myself as I can’t believe I have this little darling boy to call my son. I have a son!


Ben arrived five days earlier than the estimated due date, but looking back, the timing was perfect. We only recently moved to a new place, and I’ve started maternity leave a week before. I spent the whole week sorting through the boxes, cleaning and organizing our stuff to their new home, settling and enjoying our new place. That week I kept thinking I couldn’t be possibly ready yet coz there was still so much to do. And right after I got everything sorted and all the boxes have been stored away, I heard the news that a friend just delivered a baby and I thought ready or not the baby’s coming, so I convinced myself to be prepared. And the very next morning I was in labor.


I’m slowly settling into a new routine, staying home and taking care of a newborn and learning a lot along the way, there are extremely good days where I’d have some spare time to cook or clean or watch TV with D, there are also days where I feel like every second of the day all I did was feed him. But whenever I look into his wide curious eyes looking left and right trying absorbing everything in his surrounding, I felt everything was worth it. Darling boy, you make me fall in love every single day over and over again.


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