.:: Changes ::.

Let me start this by saying…

We’re expecting! I’m on my third semester now and pretty much counting the weeks down to the estimated due date which is only a few months away. Being pregnant for most of this year has brought a lot of change to my lifestyle, pretty much everything is a learning process and everything is a new experience.


Before, almost every morning I would go with a few girls from work to get a nice hot cup of coffee at a nearby cafe. And I would drink at the very least two cups daily. Pretty much soon after I found out I was pregnant I made a conscious decision to reduce my coffee intake, even though technically my GP said I could drink two cups a day, and the first few days were nauseating to say the least. However I did weaned myself off coffee successfully when I started feeling sick almost every minute of every day and the smell of coffee put me off. Even now I no longer feel sick, yet I still think coffee smells aggravating and I sometimes wonder how could one drink that stuff! Such irony, I went from a true coffee addict to one who could actually survive without coffee and not missing it one bit!

Cooking & Baking

I used to be an early bird, waking up at 5am to prepare lunch every single morning. Now, I just can’t be bothered. I couldn’t stand the smell of  garlic and onion and the likes of them for a good part of the pregnancy, which makes it harder to cook and also now that it’s winter, it’s so much easier to just stay in bed in the morning. Luckily we found a catering service providing Indonesian food that delivers to our workplace on weekdays, so I only have to worry about weekends.

Outfit and Makeup

The first few mo ths when my body hadn’t really changed that much I still wear my usual office attire. Now I feel different about clothes and makeup in general. In short, I no longer give a sh*t. I never wanted to buy too many clothes I could only wear during my pregnancy so shopping is no longer as exciting as it used to, when most clothes don’t fit me like it used to. And I no longer cared for makeup, I still wear the basics but I don’t even wear lipstick anymore, which I never used to leave home without.


The first few months I didn’t feel like doing much, I left a lot of the cleaning to D. I still do, but I start feeling the kick to declutter, clean and organize areas of my home. Maybe it’s the nesting instinct kicking in, maybe I’m just getting back on track, but it feels good to be productive, albeit a little slower than usual, and have a clean home as a result.


We’ve started buying a lot of baby stuff, yet haven’t found a place for a lot of them. And there seems to be no end to this whole world of shopping. There’s also still a lot of prep we still need to go through. Scary yet exciting at the same time.


2 thoughts on “.:: Changes ::.

  1. congratulations steph! and hubby!!! sehat – sehat terus ya mommy and baby-nya! is it a boy or a girl? .. btw, for the shopping part .. err it will never ever ever ever end! HAHAHAHAHA .. tapi bayi tuh cepet gede juga sih jadi maminya nih yang musti ngerem! HAHAHA

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