.:: A Day in the Life ::.

I’ve been wanting to document random bits of my days just for fun, I think it would be quite interesting to one day look back and read through what I was up to one random day in my life. And I love reading other people’s day-in-life posts. So here’s my Saturday, 30th of January 2016.

6.30 It’s Saturday and I absolutely have no plans, just my kind of Saturday. However I’m up! Well I’ve actually been up since 6 but the first thing I did was checking my social media while trying to gather some energy to drag me out of bed. Bad habit as at 6 am it is still not too bright, but I couldn’t help myself. Made coffee and realized I ran out of milk. So black it is. Took my coffee and laptop out to the balcony and enjoyed a bit of a quiet time – sipping my coffee while checking out some of my favorite blogs for new posts.

7.00 Preparing the ingredients for a wholemeal bread. I love love love my bread maker, all I have to do is throw in the ingredients together and touch a few buttons and voila. Fresh homemade bread just like that. Well, technically I still have to wait for three hours before the bread is ready. But still. I continued to wash my coffee cup, run a cycle of laundry and tidy up around the house a little bit – a neat little routine I do most Saturday mornings, which I actually enjoy, it just feels so great once the house is clean and spotless and the weekend is only starting.

8.00 I recalled the supermarket had a few special offers including rice, so I went and ordered groceries online. I mean, who would want to walk to the supermarket and lug a 5-kg bag of rice back home, when you have the option to have someone deliver it to your kitchen. They wouldn’t reach me until Wednesday coz they have free shipping on Wednesdays and yes I’m cheap like that.

10.15 I thought to have a me-time scouring the city, and feeling guilty leaving D behind, I prepared aglio olio for lunch.

11.40 Missed the closest train stop to the library. Which means I have to go there last and rush my shopping before the library closes.

14.45 Okay, how did the time fly? A few shop-hopping, lipstick-swatching at Sephora and it’s suddenly almost 3. I didn’t buy anything – which is probably for the best, I definitely don’t need new clothes or makeup. Had to miss brow wax – the queue was crazy – to rush to the library coz I really need my book fix. Been pretty bad at keeping my resolution and January is ending and I haven’t read any books. As much as I like my Kindle, I sometimes miss holding actual books.

15.40 Stopped for coffee break. I went to this particular cafe coz I saw they had kaya toast. I pictured thick warm kaya toasts like the ones at kopi tiam places and my stomach was growling just thinking about it. And… they ran out of kaya. Just my luck!

16.50 On the train home starting on my awesome find today – Before I Go To Sleep by S.J Watson. I’ve watched the movie and it was mind blowing. Couldn’t be more excited to read the book now.

19.10 In the middle of a movie night in and playing scrabble – our favorite pastime on the weekends.

22.15 Finished watching two movies, Burnt and Spectre. And the weather is still so nice and cool. Time for bed soon.. Nighty night!


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