.:: The Sunday Post ~ New Year Favorites::.

It was the first week back at work, and I have been quite productive tackling stuff with a renewed sense of energy. It might have something to do with the new year spirit, but let’s savor that sense of accomplishment for a little while. Now it’s a bit of a quiet moment this weekend and a great time to reflect of what’s been happening lately. It’s the second weekend of the new year and the first when I’m pretty much have the time to myself. December had been festive with lots of year-end parties and visits from family and friends. My two-and-a-half-week break went in a flurry with trips and touristy stuff while I show my sister, D’s family and my lovely friend miss O around. Couldn’t be more grateful for the visits and the chance to catch up. And of course, wouldn’t be me without a plan for more catch up, ie my trip back home. Hoping to realize it soon-ish so I need to start taking the steps to make it happen.

This week as the new year starts, the weather has been horrendous. It’s supposed to be the peak of summer, but it’s been raining cats and dogs like nothing else matters. It literally didn’t stop raining for three days straight, stopped and started raining again. It’s like winter all over again. It finally got better on Friday, and surprise surprise I heard it’s going to reach 38 degrees next week. Such extremes! On a good note, the weather has been extremely wonderful today and I spent the whole afternoon sitting out at the balcony enjoying the welcoming breeze, planning the week ahead, organizing my phone, browsing and watching YouTube and Pretty Little Liars.

This week I have some new favorites and exciting finds. Here are some of them!

Favorite breakfast: Overnight oats

I tried overnight oats last year, but I found it to be too thick for my liking which I guessed was due to too much yogurt. I attempted overnight oats again earlier this week, this time adding just my favorite almond milk and it’s wonderful! I love incorporating chia seeds and maple syrup in my overnight oats and adding blueberry and coconut flakes on top. Morning made!


Favorite drink: T2 Very Coco Berry

T2 has a new fruity tea range, and it is bomb diggity! From the very first sip of the very coco berry flavor, all I could think about was I’ve never tasted anything like it! Coconut-flavored tea! As it’s a warm weekend I make a cold tea and in true T2 fashion, added slices of pineapples. Yum! Practically the best tea ever.

Favorite snack: Nestle Galak

A friend of mine just got back from Europe and brought me this chocolate bar. She recalled I posted a picture of it on Facebook when I was in Italy, isn’t she the sweetest. To be honest, I’ve never even tasted it! I took a pic coz “galak” means something in Indonesian. But of course I couldn’t pass a nice treat.

Favorite lip combo: Kat von D Everlasting Liqud Lipstick ( Mother ) and Nuxe Reve de Miel

Okay I’ve been wanting to get this Kat von D liquid lipstick but the shade I wanted, Mother, was out of stock even until last week. And this Thursday I popped into Sephora, definitely sure it would be still unavailable, but lo and behold, they had it! I could not be more excited. It’s a lovely dusty mauve pink with a matte finish, it is not too light, not too dark, slightly vibrant yet perfect for everyday wear. I’ve only had it for a few days, but it’s a quick and definite favorite. It does feel drying on the lips after some time, so I add a layer of my favorite lip balm Nuxe Reve de Miel and they make the perfect combo.

Favorite nail polish: Rimmel 60 seconds Nail Polish in Rose Libertine

I have been on the lookout for the perfect peachy-pink polish for what feels like forever. I had bought a few including these Sally Hansen ones here, but none pleases me as much as this wonderful Rose Libertine. It is slightly muted but not too murky, it is not too orange like a lot of peachy-pink polish do, and it has a very nice formula that actually lasts a few days – I do a lot of chores so if something last even two days straight, it is godsent. It is just perfection.


Favorite shoes: Nine West 7Hollie Boots

As it has been a very wet week, it was the perfect chance to break into these boots I purchased a couple of months back, I thought I would have to wait until next winter. This pair was practically all I wore this week, and it’s so easy pairing it with black midi skirt.

And that’s a wrap for today!


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