.:: 2016 Goals ::.

Hello 2016! I can’t believe it’s another new year. 2015 flew away so quickly and it was such a roller coaster ride – lots of ups and downs and bends in the road. Hopefully this year will be kind to me and I’m able to experience more and do more of what I love. Here’s a few of my “wishlist” for the year 2016, it would be fun to read back through them next year and see if I make some of these happen!

Get more crafty

I had not craft enough last year so I’m hoping this year I will fall back in love with my old boo craft, especially cross stitching and paper crafting. I really need to get better at planning and making time to do more crafts and use up all those supplies I’ve accumulated over the past couple of years!

Maintain a healthier lifestyle

Last year especially towards the end of the year I had not been really good at meal planning and ended up getting takeaways for lunch a lot of the time. I’m hoping to be better at meal planning this year, set aside some time to prepare proper and healthier breakfast, lunch and snacks for the week. Having said that, I would not say no to sweet stuff or junk food altogether, but at least I’ll try to portion it better.

Read more books

I spend a good hour commuting to and from work everyday, and I usually spend most of it on the phone, checking social media or browsing and reading useless stuff when it’s actually the perfect opportunity to emerge myself in good books. I do have a few books in my to-read list, so I better start organizing my Kindle.

Budget better and spend less

I had not been good last year and shopped a little bit too much at times, bought duplicates of similar things and I have to shamefully admit that sometimes I didn’t even notice how much I spent in a month. I want to be better at recording my expenditures and stop spending on unnecessary things.

Learn and discover something new

I don’t have any travel plans this year, but it would be fun to explore more of Sydney. I also want to learn something new this year, perhaps a language or crafting skill.

There’s so much more I want to do, but I’m keeping this list short and sweet.


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