.:: The Sunday Post ::.

Happy Sunday! I usually reserve Sundays for a take-it-easy day where I lounge around at home, watching movies or planning or preparing my meals for the week ahead. And today is no exception. Here are a few things I’ve been enjoying this Sunday..

The Sunday Post

New glasses! I got not one, but two new pair of glasses! I’m not normally excited about a new pair of glasses but I’d been needing new ones since I got a new prescription and I like these two so much I can’t decide which I like better.

Delicious Days in Paris – Jane Paech. I’m only on the third chapter but so far I quite enjoy it – I even marked a few pages I found interesting. It is just lovely to imagine yourself experiencing the walks described in the book, Jane Paech had delivered a good job at that, and she told the story in a casual way it’s like you’re chatting to a friend or reading a blog. And isn’t that cover amazingly pretty?

Stan. I recently found out about Stan, a streaming media company providing unlimited viewing service based on monthly subscription. I decided to try out the 30-day free trial, and have been binge-watching Drop Dead Diva ever since. I just love this series and have watched two full seasons in a week.

Italian! It’s something I have been wanting to learn and I finally take the plunge. I signed myself for an 8-week beginner course and I’ve been enjoying it so far. The good thing is Italian pronounce the vowels like Indonesians do. The not so good thing is it’s damn weird to try putting on Italian accent!

My meals and to-dos for the week ahead. I got a new Kikki K gold planner earlier in the year and  I really like having my to-dos mapped out on a weekly page.


Real Techniques Bold Metal Collection
Real Techniques Bold Metal Collection brushes. I’ve been using Real Techniques brushes daily and I think they’re of superb quality. So imagine my excitement seeing this pretty new line! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get my hands on these yet, but I will surely get a couple at first chance.


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