.:: { Kitchen } The Ultimate Chocolate Cookies ::.

The Ultimate Chocolate Cookie

Utterly divine. That’s how I would describe these cookies. What I love most about them is the rich, deep, dark chocolate taste. If you’re a big fan of chocolate, you might like this. Be warned though, these are very addictive.

This is one of my favorite recipe of all time. When I think of chocolate cookies, I’d think of these guys right here. I learned to make these cookies many years ago and have been making these a lot ever since. I haven’t made these in a while coz I didn’t have my own cookie press, but I finally caved in and decided to get one for myself. And you know what, surprisingly it’s not easy to find something when you actually need / want them! It took me a while to finally found one but I’m so glad I finally did. Keep your eyes peeled for more spritz cookie galore, I think I will be making lots more of them in the near future!

The Ultimate Chocolate Cookie

The Ultimate Chocolate Cookies

150 gr butter
1 egg
100 gr confectioner’s sugar
1/2 tsp vanillin crystals
125 gr plain flour
25 gr powdered milk
50 gr Dutch-processed cacao powder

1. Preheat oven at 150 degree Celcius.

2. In a bowl, combine flour, milk and cocoa. Sift.

3. In a separate bow, beat butter, sugar, vanillin crystals and egg with electric mixer until light and fluffy. Gradually stir in flour mixture and fold until well combined.

4. Fill cookie press with dough and with desired disks, press cookies onto greased cookie sheet.

5. Bake cookies for about 25-30 minutes, transfer to a cooling rack.


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