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Mini Balcony Garden

Heiho! I’m just popping by to share a few bits and pieces of my recent weekend project – mini balcony garden. It has been three months since I moved to Sydney and things are slowly falling into place. Finding an apartment, getting furniture and settling into the new place and generally keeping up with the (different) pace of life. And it was high time to give the place a little bit of facelift.

It was a long weekend a few weekends ago, and I did a lot of cleaning and organizing. I guess we were pretty lucky to have found this apartment with pretty spacious balcony on two sides. It has been empty for a couple of months we’ve been here and I thought wouldn’t it be lovely to have a cozy setting to enjoy a cup of coffee or read or have brunch in.

Mini Balcony Garden

Getting down to business, I got some furniture from (none other than) Ikea – the perks of having an Ikea a short walk from home. It’s nothing fancy, just a simple outdoor dining table and a couple of chairs. I had only got a few plants and the bookshelf I used for plant stand looked very sparse, so the next day I went to buy more plants to cheer up the place. It’s now full of pretty little colorful flowers, and I’ve been having a lovely time enjoying my new outdoor setting.

Mini Balcony Garden

Mini Balcony Garden

Mini Balcony Garden

Mini Balcony Garden


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