.:: { Coffee Break } Bonsai Botanika ::.

Bonsai Botanika

Saturday afternoon. I was a bit sleepy after lunch and knowing I still have a number of errands to run, I suggested to make a stop at Bonsai Botanika for a cup of coffee. After all, we only have a week left in Brisbane, so I’m trying to revisit as many of our favorite places as I can. Although I haven’t been there a lot, I always love the ambiance of this place. Dominated with wooden furniture and a little bit of fake grass, it has a cozy country feel, which makes a perfect spot of Saturday chill out session.

Bonsai Botanika

The cool thing about this place is you can order a side of chocolate sauce on the side of your coffee – technically stirring your own mocha – served in a lab conical flask. I ordered White Chocolate Mocha, while D picked Mocha Manschy – their term for frappe. Both taste delicious and a perfect refreshing wake-me-up.

Bonsai Botanika

I couldn’t help but order one of their cakes as well, just because. My pick was White Chocolate Japanese Green Tea Cake. The cake has a really rich and fudgy texture, much like brownies, and tastes really sweet. It’s really nice but it’s something you’d only order when you want to spoil yourself with something indulgent, due to the crazy richness.

Bonsai Botanika


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