.:: { Travel } Postcards from Sydney – Tower Eye ::.

Two weeks ago I made a four-day trip to Sydney, and while I mostly chill, shop and caught up with friends, I did some touristy stuff when the weekend came and D was free. One of the places we visited was Sydney Tower Eye – said to be the tallest building in Sydney – to enjoy 360-degree unobstructed bird-eye view of the city. It stands proud and tall in the middle of the city overlooking the busy surrounding CBD and beyond.

The inside of the deck itself is not spectacular, it isn’t particularly huge and it was quite crowded with people when I went there. But the view was amazing.  It is always nice to experience being up so high and see things from up above. There are also telescopes and binoculars showcasing some interesting spots with the extra bit of information to give you an idea what you’re looking at, and some photos from the 1900s which make for a fun comparison with how it looks like today.

Entrance is not exactly cheap if you only plan to visit once, but I got a good deal for an annual pass which also include some other tourist attractions. I will definitely be revisiting soon now that I have a year-round pass – I can’t wait to enjoy the night view.

Sydney Tower Eye

Sydney Tower Eye

Sydney Tower EyeSydney Tower Eye

Sydney Tower Eye

Sydney Tower Eye


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