.:: { DIY } Kaisercraft Now Boarding Travel Album ::.

Kaisercraft Now Boarding Travel Album

I’m finally back with another scrapbook album. I’ve been working on this one on and off, taking my time to create the bits and pieces here and there – but last weekend I finally had the time to finish the last pieces and put the book together. This album is by no mean finished, it is still waiting for more love, but that has to wait until I select the pictures and decide how I’m going to lay them out on the pages. For now, I’m just ecstatic at how it gets to this point.

Kaisercraft Now Boarding Travel Album

I used Kaisercraft’s Now Boarding collection, which was released earlier this year. I just adore the collection, the muted color combo of black/grey and red gives a really vintage feel to the album, which works perfectly for my intended use for this album. The base for the pages is made of black cardstock, sized at 7″ x 7″. I made the cover slightly larger at 7.5″ x 7.5″, using doubled up cereal box covered with black corrugated cardstock. To bind the book, I used the hidden hinge binding system, similar to what I created for the Prim & Proper mini album, and each page has a pocket storing a double-sided photo mat. I like this system because it allows for a lot of photo spaces and the additional flaps I created in some of the pages even creates more spaces, which is kind of amazing!

Here’s a video and collage that would take you through the pages!

Kaisercraft Now Boarding Travel Album

I’m planning to create a series of similar books for a very memorable trip D and I took in 2011-2012, but I’m going to play with other Kaisercraft collections to have more fun variety. If you’ve seen my post two weeks ago, you probably noticed I’ve started working on my second book!


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