.:: { Craft } Keep Calm ::.

The original Keep Calm poster was produced by the British government during the World War II and since its rediscovery in 2000 a countless interpretation has been made across the globe. Cheeky, but I’m actually loving most of the sayings – Keep Calm and Drink Coffee, Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake – they put a smile on my face whenever I catch a glimpse of these words.

But nothing relates more to me than this version. The design was published in Cross Stitcher magazine, but I got a copy from The Making Spot – which unfortunately has been closed down a while ago. I really like the color combo used in the magazine, so I tried to create something similar. I found the sky blue 28-count evenweave during a craft fair. And I’m loving how it turns out! It is a really simple project using only white threads, and it took me about two weeks to complete. I love quick projects like this, I feel invigorated and motivated to stitch even more after finishing one!

Keep Calm and Cross Stitch


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