.:: { Travel } Day Tripping – Moreton Island ::.

Moreton Island is said to be the third largest sand island in the world and is home to Tangalooma Wrecks – a cluster of deliberately sunk shipwrecks providing a safe wall for diving and snorkeling. There are quite a number of activities to choose from, ranging from water-based activities – parasailing, ocean kayaking, paddle boarding, dolphin and whale watching to sand tobogganing further up the island.

Situated just a short ferry away from Brisbane, Moreton Island makes for an convenient weekend getaway destination whenever you feel like escaping the hustle and bustle of the city. You could opt for an overnight stay at the resort – or try “glamping”, or a quick day trip. I chose a day trip and booked a tour – which included transfers, ferry tickets and a number of activities – for convenience.

We began our day pretty early, and when we were there the weather changed from pretty cold to hot to breezy to hot. But it was overall a good day full of sunshine. Last thing you want when you’re on the beach is rain! Highlights of my trip were my first-ever ocean kayaking experience – being unable to swim I normally stray away from these kind of activities, but it turned out awesome! ( of course D did most of the paddling ) – and the amazing sunset view on the ferry home.

Moreton Island

Moreton Island

Moreton Island

Moreton Island

Moreton Island


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