.:: { DIY } Prim & Proper Food Box Mini Album ::.

I’m on a roll. I have been making mini albums and this latest one is my favorite so far.

Food Box Mini Album

I’m so giddy with how it turned out. I’m always looking for ways to recycle cereal box and other food boxes ( I have an embarrassing amount in my craft stash because I can’t get rid of them! ). One thing that have been on my mind every time I see my coffee boxes are how it would make great mini books. The small size is just perfect. And having the “covers” and “spine” predefined for you makes it even more convenient.

The coffee packaging was rather thin, but once I enforced all sides with cereal box cut up to size – leaving gaps where the creases were – it makes a good-sized and sturdy cover. Once I got the cover sorted, I went ahead and covered the front and back covers and also spines with scrapbook papers, attached the “hinge” binding and covered the inside covers with more scrapbook papers.

The pages are made out of black card stock and matted with pretty papers from Prim and Proper collection from Rosie’s Studio, and oh how I love the patterns and color combination! All of the pages have pockets on the side and some open to reveal more pockets and more photo spaces. The book measures about 4″x3″ and the main pages would fit 2″x3″ photos comfortably. I can’t wait to fill in the pages with photos! Check out the details in the video and pictures below!

Prim & Proper Food Box Mini Album

And once again, the before and after! I’m still excited how a humble food box can be used to make something useful, and not to mention, gorgeous!

Food Box Mini Album


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