.:: { DIY } Travel Journal Preparation ::.

Tassie Travel Journal

Making a travel journal has been on my to-do list for so long. I’m not so much of a journal writer – something I need to change in my future trips – but the idea of a special place to keep my small travel mementos and pictures appeals to me – especially now that I’m into paper crafting and obsessed with making mini albums.

For my recent trip visiting Tasmania, I prepared a simple travel journal, using papers I already have. There wasn’t any specific theme to my journal, since I was just trying to use up my stash. For the cover, I recycled a cereal box covered with a scrapbook paper. Lesson learned, I would prefer a sturdier material next time or double up the box to get a thicker cover – cereal box is okay, but it is not sturdy enough when brought on trips.

Tassie Travel Journal

For the pages, I used different kinds of papers, mostly scrapbook papers and card stock, maps and pictures and even texts cut out from travel guidebooks and brochures. I inked some of the pages to create an aged look, while leaving some of the other ones which are full of pattern or color.

Tassie Travel Journal

I mostly enjoyed making pockets, or smaller-sized pages. It breaks the pattern and keeps things interesting. As this was my first ever travel journal, I wasn’t sure how many pages I would need and what I would actually put in there – would I write a lot, or would I mostly display pictures, etc. So I kept most of the pages simple to allow me to decorate later after the traveling part is done. In total, I created pages and I’m quite happy with that, especially because the ring binding allowed me to add more pages later on.

Tassie Travel Journal

On the back inside cover, I also attached a pocket made from a map of Launceston – cut out from a travel guide book – to keep loose mementos.

All in all, I’m happy with this little mishmash of a travel journal. I’m excited to get my pictures printed and get this journal done – and breaking into the craft supplies I hauled during my trip ( the joy of having a Spotlight in the middle of the city! I’m jealous.. )


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