.:: { Kitchen } Pepparkakor ::.


Sometimes cheat-baking is the easiest way to go when you just can’t be bothered with getting the necessary ingredients to make something from scratch. And such was this one. I have a recipe for this cookie but it requires golden syrup, which I don’t have on hand and don’t intend to get anytime soon. So when I visited Ikea, I thought I’d just get the pre-baked ones, however they only had the ones in big tins, and I mean really big tins. Then I noticed they also have this ready-to-bake pepparkaka dough. I remembered Bebe having great results with ready-to-bake dough similar to this one ( albeit from a different brand ), and I’ve been wanting to try this cookie for a while, so I thought why not try it, warm-straight-from-the-oven goods would definitely taste better anyway. So I gave it a go and even though I was really tired after our trip to Ikea, I baked this as soon as I got home. It really didn’t take much a lot of effort, the dough was so easy to work with and all you need to do is roll, cut and bake. I tried making an Eiffel-shaped ones, but the cookies seem to spread out quite a bit and they didn’t really resemble Eiffel tower coming out from the oven. In the end, I switched to a heart-shape cutter and they look so much better. Oh and these taste great! I’m so happy they don’t taste too “gingery”, a bit like Speculaas. The cookies came out crunchy and so good I could munch on these all day long.



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