.:: { Travel } SkyPoint, A View From The Top ::.

I love observation decks. Getting a view of a city from high up forms a great perception of the surroundings, something that’s not always possible when I’m on ground level. Recently I made a quick trip to Surfers Paradise and decided to play tourist and visited the observation deck. SkyPoint is located at the highest point in Gold Coast on top of Q1, one of the highest residential building in the world. It offers an unsurpassed 360-degree view over the beaches and the sea, the hinterland and beyond. This was my first ever visit to an observation deck by the beach and the view was pretty amazing – crowded beach,  calm sea, trendy hotels, quiet neighborhood – the area has a lot to offer and you would certainly have a good time enjoying the scenery, and maybe a cocktail or two.






If you’re feeling a little bit adventurous, the SkyPoint Climb might suit you best. Close to 300 flight of stairs, it would challenge and take you to the platform at the top of the spire – 270 meter above sea level. How cool is that? Even I almost swayed  myself into trying that out.


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