.:: { DIY } Magnetic Pocket Organizer ::.

Takeout menus, emergency numbers, calendar, notifications needing my attention. Apparently I hang all sorts of things on my fridge. With so many things stuck to it, the fridge has become a eye sore. And all of a sudden I was feeling crafty and had an idea to make some sort of a bulletin board for the fridge. Lately I have been enjoying the craft aisle at Daiso a lot, I think it’s not bad at all. And that was exactly where I headed once I had this idea in my head. And I couldn’t be more happier to find the things I needed, a simple white board and magnetic strips.

On a side note, Daiso has only recently opened a branch in Brisbane, and you should’ve seen the locals getting all amped up during the first few weeks. It was always crowded, and I once overheard a lady talking over the phone with her friend and insisting said friend to come and check out the fantastic place where everything costs AUD2.80 ( yes, it’s mad expensive compared to what it is in Japan but AUD2.80 for all things offered in Daiso is considered cheap in Australia ). Anyway, I digress.

Once I have everything I needed, and I have a clear picture of what I wanted to make, this project only took a short one hour, probably even less. It couldn’t be any easier to make. Here’s what I used.

DIY Magnetic Pocket Organizer

Board – Daiso
Fabric – Spotlight
Lace – Lincraft
Magnetic strips – Daiso
Craft Glue – Lincraft
Fabric Glue – Lincraft
Brush or sponge brush

To make this board, 1) Cut the fabrics to size, one for the background – big enough to cover the board, two smaller pieces for the pockets. 2) Fold in half an inch of the raw edges of the two pockets and press with iron. 3) Cover board with background fabric , flip it around and glue edges to the back side of the board using some craft glue. 4) Do the same thing with the pockets, making sure to make enough room in between pockets for the lace. 5) Using fabric glue, stick lace or trimmings to the edges of the pockets. 6) Stick some magnetic fridge to the back of the board.

And voila! What used to clutter the fridge now are neatly contained in a pretty organizer. I can’t stop taking a peek to the kitchen every now and then, just to get a glimpse of the fridge.

DIY Magnetic Pocket Organizer


4 thoughts on “.:: { DIY } Magnetic Pocket Organizer ::.

  1. Lucu fan~
    kog disana ga dijual one dollar ya fan. tapi klo itungannya masih murah ya gpp kli ya hehe. Gw juga demen banget ngubekkin Cando, Seria gitu soalnya perintilan buat bikin kerajinannya jauh lebih murah & lucu2. Ayo bikin yang laen lagi, sampul buat buku mgkn…

    • Iya sayangnya ga one dollar nge T___T kalo inget harga aslinya si mayan banget ya bedanya, cuma di toko craft seringnya lebih mahal sih daripada daiso jadi mau ga mau haha.. Pengen nih bikin sampul buku pake kain tapi nyari bukunya belum nemu yang sesuai keinginan dan murah haha banyak maunya ๐Ÿ˜€ pengen deh ke toko2 ginian yang di jepang, kalap kali yah..

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