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Lush Eau Roma Water

Today I’m going to talk about a product from one of my current favorite beauty brands, Lush. It is called Eau Roma Water and is described as a “Kind aromatherapy water to cherish your face. A gentle tonic for everyday use that will help hydrate the skin without causing it to overreact”. And it is rare that I agree with all of the claims of a product, but with this one, I genuinely do.

Eau Roma Water is a light toner water – it has a consistency of that of water, and it could easily elude you to think – what’s so special about this? My friend, let me tell you – this is good stuff! First of all, this stuff smells amazing! The rich mix of lavender and rose water smells wonderful. And I like that it comes in a spray bottle, I usually spritz a little bit of this onto some areas on my face and pat it gently with my fingers, and it absorbs effortlessly into the skin. Although it has a very thin consistency, it surprisingly leaves the skin smooth and supple in pretty much an instant – providing the relieving hydration my skin desperately needs. It is gentle on the skin and so far has not cause any adverse effects on my skin. I am majorly in love with Lush right now! I like using this especially at night, because it smells amazing and feels luxurious on the skin, and applying this on my face feels like a treat!


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