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Real Techniques

I love Real Techniques brushes, they are affordable yet very functional, work great, so soft and  look pretty. I reach out for a lot of these brushes on a daily basis. It’s no surprise I decided to purchase a few more brushes to try, and one for backup. Yes, I love it that much.

Real Techniques

Expert Face Brush

This is the brush I repurchased to rotate between my foundation brushes. This brush is pretty much the brush I reach most often. The bristles are firm providing good coverage yet have the flexibility to reach the nooks and crannies of my face. Major LOVE!

Duo-Fiber Collection

This set has received quite a bit of mixed reviews on the net. Some hates it, some says it’s just okay, some loves it. I have always liked duo-fiber brushes, besides nowadays I like wearing just a hint of powder on top of my foundation, and I think that biggest brush on this set would probably do. So I thought I would give this set a shot. The clean white handles are sleek and a nice change from the usual colorful brushes from Real Techniques, but I wish it comes in a fun color.

Shading Brush

I bought this brush to complement the starter / eye brush set I got previously. I think that set doesn’t have a nice basic brush to apply base colors that fits my lids. This shading brush looks promising and looks like it has the right size. This should have made it to the set!

Setting Brush

I wanted to get a brush specifically for highlighters or under-eye setting powders and I thought this brush has a decent size for those purposes ( and who am I kidding, it’s pink so I had to get it ). We shall see!


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