.:: { Food } Fun Food-Filled Weekend ::.

This past weekend was filled with lots of relaxing activities and food – food after food after food. We went to the city to entertain ourselves after a lazy day at home on Saturday, followed by a nice dinner at Vapiano and a delicious milk tea treat. The next day, we visited Regional Flavours on South Bank which features countless of food stalls offering lots of good snack-portioned food and some fresh organic produce from around Queensland – we had a good time scouring the food stalls and nibbled on the food. While I was there I also noticed some cool cafes I want to visit in the future – time to plan for a weekend brunch. Don’t you just love a relaxing weekend?

Vapiano Saturday night dinner at Vapiano. I had super yummy Ravioli Con Carne while D settled for his usual Spaghetti Bolognaise. I always love my visits to this place, the relaxed ambiance, the open kitchen concept and of course the delicious food.

Hazel Tea Shop
Taro Milk Tea from my favorite bubble tea place, The Hazel Tea Shop.

Raspberry and Cream
Raspberry and Cream from My Berries.

Italian Chicken Drummies and Linguini with Pork Fennel Sausage from Cucina.

Creamy and delicious Macadamia and Butterscotch ice cream from Mammino.

I had been craving for Chicken Katsu Don for a while and was quite ecstatic to finally found a decent one at Ginga, a Japanese restaurant in Southbank.


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