.:: { Beauty } A Yummilicious Lush Haul ::.

  Lush Haul

I have always liked Lush’ concept of bringing fresh and natural skincare to the beauty industry, and the stores always smell so good, but I have never really ventured into their products. I was feeling a little extra girly one day and wanted to spoil myself a little bit, so I went into a Lush boutique and treated myself to a few yummy new goodies. It is always hard not to hoard on Lush items once you step into one of their boutiques, as it was that day but I tried to reassure myself that there would be a next time.

Lush Eau Roma Water

Eau Roma Water – Toner Water

I’m a huge toner believer and always on the lookout for good toner for dry skin. This one is targeted for specifically that, promising to gently hydrate skin featuring lavender and rose, which have both soothing and calming properties. I’ve had a good experience with lavender in my skincare – I swear by Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, so I thought why not try this one. I opted for the small 100gr bottle as it was my first time their skincare and thought this would be perfect for travel.

Lush Let the Good Time Roll

Let the Good Time Roll – Facial Cleanser

The lovely sales assistant at Lush pointed out to me that this cleanser contains popcorn. I immediately said, a little too loudly out of amazement, really? That sounds so yummy! That idea alone sold me to this product. I mean, popcorn? That’s too interesting I had to give it a go. Popcorn aside, this cleanser also promises to moisturize and exfoliate the skin as it cleanses. Sounds pretty good to me!

Lush Snow Showers

Snow Showers – Shower Jelly

If you’ve ever seen one of these in store, you’d know that they have the wobbliest jelly consistency ever. I’ve tried a shower jelly from L’Occitane before, but it wasn’t as wobbly as Lush’ shower jelly. Too cute! I was eye-ing another of their shower jelly called Sweetie Pie, but Snow Showers is a limited edition ( I think it’s a part of Christmas in July thing ), so I grabbed this cognac and orange oil-infused jelly.

Lush Haul

I am excited to delve into these products and hopefully will get back to you bearing good news. I have already a few other Lush things on my wishlist and can’t wait to make another visit to Lush!


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