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Book Haul

I mostly read on my Kindle now, books take up space and are not exactly lightweight. And let’s face it, I don’t usually re-read my novels, unless it’s extremely good. So I try to be selective on buying printed books. On the other hand, the experience of reading printed books could be something on a whole different level altogether. Having grown up with printed books, I sometimes find myself missing the sensation of holding and flicking through an actual book. When the  mood strikes I allow myself to buy a few. Here’s what I got recently…

Book Haul

The Lady of The Rivers – Philippa Gregory
I couldn’t be more excited when I found a hard cover version of this book in a discount book store – it was priced at AUD4.95! I’ve been specifically looking for a hard cover version because I own the first two books from the series in hard cover, and I thought they would look pretty in the bookshelves if they’re all uniformed in size. So you could imagine I was jumping with joy when I found this. My only disappointment is the fact they didn’t have The Kingmaker’s Daughter.

Farewell, My Queen – Chantal Thomas
A book I found accidentally when I was looking for Philippa Gregory’s books, and this it was like finding a treasure in a haystack. I’m so glad I snatched it. It’s a historical fiction about Marie Antoinette and I got it at a bargain price no less  ( only AUD3.99 ). When I got home, I googled for some reviews and found out that it has been adapted to a movie! I can’t wait to read this book and watch the movie adaptation!

The Borgias – Jean Plaidy
I was intrigued by the reviews I read on Goodreads and ordered this book off The Book Depository, which offers free worldwide shipping. And with two novels in one volume, it costs a lot cheaper compared to buying the individual books. Score! However it has a few staple holes, which go from the cover and through to the first 50 pages. I’m a little bit annoyed but it is what it is..

Book Haul

Baking Puffs and Pastries
Australian Women’s Weekly often publishes “special edition” cookbooks, like this one. And I enjoy reading them, as each focus on a certain theme. This one is definitely unmissable as it contain numerous choux and other pastry recipes. I haven’t got any chance to try a recipe from this book, but I can’t wait to do so!

Sweet, Volume 2
These last two are not books but magazines – food magazines are one of the only magazines I allow myself to buy. And even then I’m very picky with these sort of magazines – I don’t like the ones that have more ads than recipes. I’m happy to report that this one doesn’t fall into that category! Sweet offers a countless delicious and unique inspiration that never fails to tempt me to bake. I would never probably try lavender cookies, as much as I’d love to, but all the beautiful recipes in this magazine truly serves as a fresh inspiration for me to try and bake something new. The third volume is already out, but I intentionally grabbed this one because it was cheaper. I hope the third volume will be on sale soon!

Squires Kitchen Bake School, Spring / Summer 2013

Another great magazine full with inspirational recipes. Some recipes calls for Squires Kitchen brand ingredients, but they are easily interchangeable with other brands. I have tried the simplest recipe in the magazine – blueberry muffin and it was delicious!


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