.:: { Food } Oyatsu Cafe Haul ::.

 Oyatsu Cafe

A few weeks ago, I found out about Oyatsu Cafe and I was excited to see the nice selection of Japanese snack and drinks. I made my first purchase and was pleasantly surprised that shipping took only a little more than a week. They offer worldwide shipping, which works great for those like me who don’t have access to Japanese stuff easily. And here’s what I got!

Pocky Panda

Pocky Panda – $2.79
I love Pocky. I could possibly eat five boxes at one go if I let myself. But I’ve never tried any of the “fancy” flavors mainly because of the price. I’m happy I finally braced myself and tried this one, because it so much better than the “normal” chocolate and strawberry Pocky I normally get at the supermarket. I don’t think I need to point out the cute packaging – that alone got me really excited. Then when I opened it, I found a chocolate biscuit covered with cookies and cream topping. Deliciousness! It’s seriously so good! I definitely need try other flavors now!

Van Houten White Matcha Cocoa – $4.99
This is another hit. Both D and I enjoy this one so much. It has a strong and sweet scent of white chocolate, and i think the combination of white chocolate and matcha works really well – it taste delicious! It’s the perfect hot drink to have for a cold day!

Maxim Oreo Cappucino – $3.49
I had high expectation – I mean, oreo cappucino? It sounds so good, right? Unfortunately I’m rather disappointed with this one. Its smell does remind me a little bit of Oreo at first, though upon several tries, I think it is just a plain chocolate smell. In truth I think it taste quite good, but I like my coffee strong and this one tastes light and sweet, if nothing else. So even though it is a nice change from the coffee I’m used to, I won’t be repurchasing this.

Blendy Stick Royal Milk Tea – $4.99
This last one contains 10 packets, a lot more than the first two which only contain five each so it’s better value for money. It’s a milk tea drink and it tastes really good – coming from someone who isn’t really into tea so that means it is indeed good! It doesn’t top the Van Houten, but a close second.


2 thoughts on “.:: { Food } Oyatsu Cafe Haul ::.

  1. wah baru tau ada yang kaya gini fan. boleh juga sih kapan2 dicoba…itu shipping nya worldwide harga nya emang sama semua ya? tergantung berat

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