.:: { Food } The Crepe Cafe ::.

We visited The Crepe Cafe last weekend for brunch. The weather was really nice after all, it was unquestionably a great time to go out to have a brunch and enjoy the sun and this scenery. Yes, please!


The Crepe Cafe

I had Rocky Road Crepe, while D settled for his usual Big Breakfast. We both loved the food here during our first visit months ago, and we still do. They make wonderful crepes, sweet and crisp and filled of delicious goodies – mine has strawberries, nutella, almond flakes and marshmallow! D’s big breakfast is a hit too, everything is cooked perfectly and taste delicious. The only downside is the plastic dining wares, it’s ridiculously hard to cut up the crepes with plastic knife and fork! But the food is really good I would put up with the crappy plastic wares. Definitely one of our favorite places for brunch.


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