.:: { Beauty } Real Techniques Stippling Brush ::.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

Another type of brush that I like for applying foundation is stippling brush. This particular one from Real Techniques has a pink ferrule! I’m so fond of the pink handle that I sorta wish all their brushes have the same pink handles. Aside from the pretty look, this brush works great for applying foundation and cream blush – as well as highly pigmented powder blush, creating a soft-focused flawless finish.

I use this mostly for foundations, and find that it works just as great as my favorite Expert Face brush, the difference being this particular one provides a slightly lighter finish, due to the duo-fibre nature of this brush, with the white bristles not as densely packed as Expert Face brush. Another thing that I like to use with this brush is highly pigmented blush, as the soft bristles pick up a small ( but enough ) amount of product, allowing for a soft and natural look.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

The brush is nicely sized, neither huge nor too small. The bristles are short and a little bit dense for a stippling brush, it’s flexible but not flimsy and I think it makes for easier non-streaky foundation application.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

The only other stippling brush I’ve ever used before was from Etude House. It was nice and soft as well, however it bleeds like crazy when I wash it. Thankfully it isn’t the case with this Real Techniques Stippling Brush ( or the other brushes from the brand ). It washes beautifully without any shedding or bleeding.


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