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Real Techniques Blush Brush

Let me start reviewing this brand with the blush brush. The one that I didn’t think of getting in the first place. I’ve had a few blush brushes, and I thought, I don’t need another blush brush. But I got one in the end, and my first reaction when I opened the package and tried it on my face was – holly molly, this is the mother of all blush brushes. This is GOOD!

Real Techniques Blush Brush

The first thing I noticed about this Real Techniques Blush Brush was the size. It’s humongous! Definitely the largest blush brush ever. It would probably depends on personal preferences, but I like it! It distributes products evenly and doesn’t require much effort to apply blush especially to the apples of the cheeks, due to it’s tapered, dome-shaped bristles – which happens to be so soft and doesn’t poke my skin. It does all the blending! I also like that it’s dense but picks up just enough product so there are less worries when working with highly pigmented blushes.

Real Techniques Blush Brush

How do I even begin about the packaging? First off, it’s has a pretty pink handles. What’s not to love! The handle has a rubberized material at the bottom and sleek pink extended ferrule – which makes washing such a breeze as water won’t slip into the handles and break down the glue that keeps the bristles together.

Real Techniques Blush Brush

I can’t say enough praises about this brush, I love everything about it and I’m definitely happy I decided to get this brush.


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