.:: { Beauty } L’Occitane Rose Aurore Radiant Body Milk ::.

L'Occitane Rose Aurore

L’Occitane recently released a new collection called Rose Aurore. I personally am rarely a fan of rose fragrances as some could be too strong for my liking. But fear not, the floral scent in this range is perfectly subtle. L’Occitane Rose Aurore Radiant Body Milk comes in a elegant plastic bottle. It’s so pretty and I like how it stands out among my other body lotion bottles / body butter tubs. It looks and feels quite sturdy but I personally had a bad experience traveling with their mini size bottle ( it cracked! ). So if I were to bring this around, I’d make sure to add some padding around this bottle.

L'Occitane Rose Aurore

Formula-wise, L’Occitane body lotion is like no other. It’s so light, sinks into the skin in an instant and doesn’t leave any sticky residue. At all. Nada. Zero. Yet, it leaves the skin soooo soft and moisturized. The smell of this particular Rose Aurore Radiant Body Milk is very delicate and feminine, and the best part is, it lasts all day long. I don’t think I need the perfume from the same line, because the lotion itself is enough. I love slathering this on my skin, especially on warm days because it doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky and icky, and smells so wonderful.


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