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Le Bon Choix

When D mentioned he was craving for a cake sometime in the past week, I saw that as an opportunity to drag him out to a cake shop (He’s not so much a sweet tooth as I am, so this doesn’t happen everyday ). Last Saturday, we went to Le Bon Choix, a French bakery with cozy indoor and outdoor seating underneath the shades of huge trees. It’s the perfect place to enjoy some quiet time with cakes and coffee.

Le Bon Choix

I had Miroula, a chocolate macadamia mousse with creme brulee center. And a mini macaron on top! The mousse cake is chocolatey smooth and sweet, and the addition of macadamia bits and sweet filling just add to the deliciousness. However the macaron is a bit disappointing, as it’s not crunchy on the outside and the filling is just so-so.

Le Bon Choix

D had Lenette, white chocolate mousse with a pear and honey jelly and chocolate brownie. I like the jelly and brownie filling, and the mousse is nice and not too sweet, however I like Miroula better.

Le Bon Choix

A couple of days afterwards, I went there again with some colleagues and had Exotic, layers of apricot, pineapple and some other fruit I can’t remember. The most delicious of them all! It’s tangy and a little bit sour, it’s a refreshing change from the sweet cakes.


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