.:: { DIY } Hacked an IKEA Drawer ::.

IKEA Drawer

This weekend I just felt so out of it – I felt like something was nagging at me the whole weekend, and I even had some work to do. But on the bright side, I finished hacking this IKEA drawer I got a while ago. I wanted to get the biggest size they had, but it was not only bulky but also quite heavy. So I settled on the four-drawer one. But the finish ( or lack thereof ) was always an eyesore to me. This weekend I had the chance to sit down and paint the outside with acrylic paint in yellow pink. It’s such a very pretty shade! For the drawers, I traced and cut up a few Kaisercraft papers that match the pink-and-green theme I had in mind, stuck them on with a craft glue and finished it with a Mod Podge. I left inner part of the drawers as they were, because they are hidden anyways and I don’t want my stuff I keep in the drawers reeking of paint.

IKEA Drawer

The drawers are quite roomy and deep, the height of them are most perfect for nail polish. I use one drawer to hold nail polish ( it fits about 20 polish very nicely, depending on the size of the bottles ), the others to hold extra skincare and makeup stuff and hair accessories. I love it!


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