.:: { Organizing } Lipsticks and Such ::.

Organizing Lipsticks

I purged my makeup collection a bit in the middle of the year, and had banned myself from buying any more lip products. I was being good for a couple of months, and now.. Just don’t ask me how much lipsticks I’d got since then ( not that many, I promise! ). And my small lippies collection had begun to clutter and called for an organization system. Then came these two round glasses. Who knew such simple and understated everyday item could be so perfect to corral my lip products!

Organizing Lipsticks

I assigned one glass for lipsticks, and the other for my lip stains, glosses and balms. I placed most lip products upside down so the labels are facing upwards and easily visible ( I especially love the colorful labels! ). Now I could easily locate which color I want to wear on a certain day. I’m loving my new system!

Organizing Lipsticks

Maybe I should go a little bit further and force myself not to buy any more stuff that wouldn’t fit in these two glasses… but really, when it comes to lippies, I can’t make any promises!


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